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October 15, 2015

Edinson Volquez

Kansas City, Missouri - Workout Day

Q. Obviously working inside is important for any team, but is it even more so against a team with this much right-handed power?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: I think a little bit. Because there's a lot of power hitters you've got to pace yourself.

Q. Are you interested to see if there will be any carryover with how things went the last time you played them?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: No, it's over with. We've got to move forward.

Q. How do you think you'll approach Donaldson in the Toronto game?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: He's a great hitter.

Q. Is there any worry, because of what happened in Toronto, that the umpires will be more sensitive to pitching inside and that they might take what you intend as an inside pitch as something more than that?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: I don't think so, because if something happens they're going to be aware. If nothing happens, I'm going to pitch my own game.

Q. Two emotional teams, you guys and the Blue Jays. How do you draw the line between sort of just pure fun, emotion, and something that's maybe showing somebody up?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: Emotion, all depends who you are. Like Bautista, I saw what happened last night. He's a really emotional guy. And we've got most of the guys here, too. We're going to enjoy the game. And enjoy what happens in the game.

Q. It depends who you are. And the first person brought up is Bautista, is that because of what he's accomplished?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: No, it's about what happened last night. He hit a homer.

Q. That was kind of what I was going to ask is that as a pitcher can you kind of distinguish between maybe regular season excitement and hitting a home run in that spot, and cut a guy a little bit of slack, or are you going to be just as mad if he flips a bat like that?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: No, doesn't bother me anymore. Maybe before when I was young I'd do something about it. But right now I'm an old guy, I'm going to take it. Why not? You can't get crazy with it. You can't take that pitch back, the ball is gone.

You have to understand the situation, too. You can hit a home run and stay two minutes on the plate. I don't know what happened with those two guys, if something happened the last at-bat or the day before. I don't know what happened.

Q. Just curious, you know, you mentioned Bautista, what was your reaction with some of the guys? And do you remember, has anybody ever pimped a home run like that off of you?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: Me? Too many, I think (laughter).

Like I said, that's the way it is, you know, there's a lot of emotion, and he's a great hitter, power hitter, he hit a lot of homers in the last five years. So I don't know. I have to keep the ball down with him.

Q. You were especially sharp in your last start and you said you felt like you had everything going, and maybe the previous few starts you really battled but didn't have quite the stuff. But what was the difference in the last outing?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: I think a special pitching game like that, you've got to stay focused in what you're doing. And you've got to execute your pitches. It's more like a regular season game, you've got to stay in the strike zone and battle. And those guys are aggressive, we've got to stay aggressive, too. You don't let the fans bother you.

Q. I just want to know what you thought of Cue to last night, what was the difference last night versus other starts?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: We talked about it before the game, and he told me he was on his game. And because the way he was pitching before the playoffs, everybody was talking about him. He was kind of mad at everybody last night because he wanted to show people who was Cueto, and he did a pretty good job last night. And he might have pitched the best game ever in his life.

Q. Edinson, you saw what the crowd did for Johnny last night. What would it mean for you to have that same kind of support?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: Yeah, it means a lot, because when you've got a lot of support from the fans, especially the fans we've got, you can make a record this year, the fans, we've been proud in our fans. And it will be exciting to see the guys standing up and cheering for me and giving me a lot of support.

Q. When a team goes through what you guys did through Houston, the battle testing and you came from behind in a game like you guys did, and then dominate yesterday, do you feel like you've kind of matured another level, and that this is a different team going into Toronto or against Toronto than it was before it started the Houston series?
EDINSON VOLQUEZ: Yeah, we try to do the best we can against every team, and we all know Toronto is a better team than Houston. They've got more veteran guys and more power hitters. We're going to play our game. We're going to stay with the plan and do it. Like I said, do our best to win the game.

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