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October 15, 2015

Shanshan Feng

Incheon, South Korea

Q. 5-under, you have to be pretty pleased with that. Did you see this coming after last week, a Top-10, feeling pretty good heading into this week?
SHANSHAN FENG: You know this week is actually I think maybe one of a few that I've never played well at. I think I've never made the Top-10 here. And so coming from last week, even though I played really well last week, but I didn't really have any expectation.

So that was like, you know, just try to enjoy and it can be a breakthrough year. For this tournament it would be great. I think 5-under is so far my best start, and I think three more days, I just keep doing the same thing. I think I'll be good.

Q. Why is that? Is it the golf course?
SHANSHAN FENG: I think today I did pretty well on the greens, but usually sometimes I struggle, like reading the greens, and also getting the right wind. Yeah, so I don't knock them like really close to the pins. Just not many birdie chances.

But today was good because it wasn't windy, so I didn't even need to judge about the wind.

Q. Do you not play well in the wind?
SHANSHAN FENG: Actually I do. I like windy like that. I like windy condition. But sometimes the wind is just swirling, so it feels different up there and like where we're feeling it.

So sometimes I just misjudging them, and it happens.

Q. Did you get to see the band the other night?
SHANSHAN FENG: I became a little fan, like a small fan. I liked all of them and I thought I would enjoy the man, the guy group the most, but actually I loved the older singer, the lady. Oh, she was so good. And that was -- I think they said it was her second time here, but this is my first time to see her singing. She was so good.

Q. Is it cool to see how women's golf is embraced when you come to Korea, just how big it is?
SHANSHAN FENG: Yeah, well, like I played with Na Yeon today and for sure she is one of most popular players here. But also like because she was injured and then this is her first tournament, after like two months. So all the fans, they were holding her -- like a flag or something, NYC and Na Yeon on it. They were all here to support her because it's her first tournament coming back.

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