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October 14, 2015

Tamika Catchings

Briann January


Indiana Fever - 52
Minnesota Lynx - 69

Q. Last question I just asked Steph out the door will be the first question I ask you. Was fatigue a factor tonight, emotional, physical in any way?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: I think so. We were so excited today, and everybody was so anxious for the game. It definitely plays into just the performance tonight because everything just felt like it was like a slugfest, so slow, and everybody trying to move. We were doing a good job, a decent job in the first half defensively, but second half I just felt like‑‑ yeah, it was just not a good deal.

Q. Tamika, this series has been so hard fought, so close for the first four games. Are you surprised it turned out the way it did with kind of a run away for Minnesota?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: Yeah. This is not the way we wanted it to end, just like we talked about, just the fatigue factor. No matter what happened tonight, I was going to be proud of this group. This group was‑‑ it's been an amazing journey this year.
One thing that I told them in the huddle, there's nothing to hang your head down for. We played, and we fought, and we did every single thing that we possibly could. Every single thing the coaches asked of us, we did. So I'm proud of this group. I'm especially proud of this girl right here, the way that she performed and led this team the last four games‑‑ yeah, this whole series, just being able to control the game the way she did.
As a group, as a unit, that's all you can ask for from a team, that they give everything they have and play with so much heart.

Q. Briann, you have a lead after the first quarter, and then 12 points in the next 20 minutes. What happened after that point?
BRIANN JANUARY: It was‑‑ we really didn't‑‑ it was a thing of possessions. We turned the ball over. We gave them turnovers for easy scores, which took us out of our flow. We weren't playing our style of basketball. We kind of got away from what was working for us, and, yeah, it allowed them to get some easy buckets, allowed them to get on a run, and then we were playing catch‑up. So we put ourselves in a tough situation.

Q. Tamika, how do you feel about Fowles being named MVP? We sat here a few years ago when you won your first title, and everyone was really happy for you. And you won a couple of gold medals with her. How do you feel about her finally winning the Championship?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: I'm excited for Syl. I'm excited she was able to get a Championship here with the Lynx. Obviously, it's something that follows us. When you come into the league, you want to have an opportunity to win.
Being named MVP, she definitely dominated against us and throughout the series, throughout all of them. So, yeah, I'm proud of her.

Q. For both of you, please, what did you do that enabled you to hold Maya down today, if you did, or do you think she just had a bad game?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: I think Maya's done a really good job all series long. I think that other‑‑ like me, other people have to step up. You're not going to be able to score 40 or 20 or whatever she scores every night. That's just what you have a team for.
And when you're looking at their roster of Olympians and first round picks and just great players overall, somebody has to step up when one person goes down.

Q. Tamika, are you ready tonight, on the last night of the season, to think about your last season next year?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: Not yet. I wish there was an ice bath I could get in, but since there's not, my family's here. So I'm going to enjoy the night.

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