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October 12, 2015

Eric Hosmer

Houston, Texas - Postgame four

THE MODERATOR: First question?

Q. What was the mindset going into the your 8th inning at-bat?
ERIC HOSMER: The mindset really from the whole entire team, the whole entire offense, was just make this at-bat count. Obviously we're pretty late in the game right there and down by four, so not one guy can get us back in this game. So we got to do whatever we can to keep the line moving.

And if you look at everyone's at-bats that inning, even Gordo and Moose, the guy that got out that inning, it's nine, ten pitches, fouling nasty pitches off and really just grinding.

Q. What is it about this club that allows for this kind of improbable comeback? You had the same thing in the Wild Card game last year, four runs down late.
ERIC HOSMER: Yeah, that's the thing about this team, we always feel that we're still in games and we still have a chance. You look at the beginning of that inning there and Rios starts it off, and then we follow-up by another hit and we hit one out of the park or we get a double, we're right back in the game.

So, that's the mentality for this whole entire team. It's never quit, and the character we showed today, that's what a championship ballclub does.

Q. Was there a relationship between your at-bat in the 8th and the number of pitches in that at-bat and then breaking through with the critical home run in the 9th?
ERIC HOSMER: Well, I've been getting beat a lot by fastballs, especially today, so I just wanted to get it going early. And you get down two strikes, you miss a couple heaters, just try and put the ball in play.

And right there, bases loaded, especially with Kendrys coming up, you're trying to keep the line moving, trying to get on base for him. And just fouled off some good pitches, but finally got one out over the plate and put a good swing on it.

Q. And there's another game. Do you have to temper this a little bit, the good feeling from this, knowing you got 48 hours and another game?
ERIC HOSMER: Hopefully we can just keep this riding into Game 5. The way that Houston's playing right now, these guys are playing lights-out ball. They're a young, energetic team. And you see them go out there and they get the lead, and then they come next inning, add some insurance runs there.

So that's why that top of the ninth it was critical for us to score right there, just because obviously we have all the confidence in the world in Wade, but the way these guys are playing right now, you knew they weren't going to go quietly.

Q. How about Drew Butera's at-bat in the 8th? His first Postseason plate appearance, and seemed to make the most of it.
ERIC HOSMER: Yeah, that falls into that 8th inning. Drew, obviously, I forgot to mention him, but, I mean, just the pitches he's laying off, and you're talking about a guy who has maybe had one or two at-bats in the last couple weeks. So for him to come in, face a closer, especially with as devastating as a slider as Greg has over there, and just that's why this was truly a team win, when you look at at-bats like Drew's and at-bats like Gordo's.


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