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October 12, 2015

Robinson Chirinos

Arlington, Texas - Pregame

MODERATOR: We'll get started with questions for Rangers catcher, Robinson Chirinos.

Q. Looking back to last night, I know it's easy to review things, the way you guys went after Tulowitzki on the homer, you didn't throw many sinkers. Why was that?
ROBINSON CHIRINOS: Good morning. We have a plan to attack Tulowitzki in that at-bat, and just trying to stay away to the middle of the plate and we went with slider and change-up and Chi Chi was trying to throw that change-up down away, and it came back to the middle and he hit that ball good.

Q. Can you put into words how much you guys are missing Adrian Beltre on the field and in the lineup?
ROBINSON CHIRINOS: I just saw him in the weight room right now and I mean, he is he's the leader of this club. It's not any secret. He named the lineup. It's a big difference for this team and to don't have him in the lineup is huge for us. But we find a way to win games even when he was in the DL for five, six weeks, and hopefully we can find another one and have him for next series.

Q. Robby, how do you approach a knuckleballer?
ROBINSON CHIRINOS: See it and hit it. I mean, you can't really approach a guy, the ball will move everywhere. Try to concentrate and see the ball up in the strike zone. That's something AB always saying when we face Dickey, because when he's down, he's moving the line, he's tough to square the ball.

Q. What did you like about Holland in his last couple starts that gives you confidence about him today?
ROBINSON CHIRINOS: He's been good, he's been a great skill with his fastball and throwing a strike and I think with the stuff he have and when he get ahead of hitters, he's tough to make a good swing and last two outings has been outstanding, he's been throwing strike inside, he's been using slider and his changeups. So hopefully he can get ahead of those hitter today and keep us close in the scoreboard and give this team a chance to win.

Q. On the subject of Derek, he tends to get a little emotional, but you seem to do a good job of keeping him under control. Is there anything particularly you do to keep him focused on the game and not getting too emotional?
ROBINSON CHIRINOS: Yeah, we talk a lot before the game, even during the game. I know everybody on this team know how much Derek like to compete and like to be in the mound, and sometime we have to just slow him down a little bit. That's something we've been doing great job. Hopefully we can do it today again.

MODERATOR: Thanks, Robinson.


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