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October 11, 2015

John Gibbons

Arlington, Texas - Postgame three

Blue Jays - 5 Rangers - 1

MODERATOR: We'll get started with John Gibbons.

Q. John, could you talk about the job that Estrada did tonight, please?
JOHN GIBBONS: Sure, he was unbelievable, but I've got to tell you, especially you guys who follow us all the time, he's been doing that all year. Do or die game, doesn't surprise me. He stepped up. You could tell early on, too, he was on. I mean, we talked about nerves for guys that are a little too emotional, how it would affect him. I didn't see that out of him at all. Job well done, but he's been doing that all year.

Q. Can you talk about what he was throwing that made him so effective?
JOHN GIBBONS: Well, he always throws, he was spotting his fastball, great change-up, and I thought he used his curve ball hitting the bar once again -- great game plan. Navarro's got a great feel for him. He follows him, not like Buehrle, follows him almost to the letter, so you've got to give credit there, too.

Q. I guess it was nice to see Tulowitzki break out tonight?
JOHN GIBBONS: Um-hmm. Yeah, Tulo needed that, he really did. He had that long layoff after the injury and then it's been kind of a battle for him this year. Offensively he's got some key hits along the way, but he hasn't hit it like he normally does. Maybe that sets him off and then he came back and followed that with a single. If he catches fire, we're real dangerous.

Q. You had Price up in the seventh. Does that eliminate that option tomorrow or does he have enough bullets he can bounce back tomorrow?
JOHN GIBBONS: We have to talk to him. You know, we got him going, we brought Lowe in in case things got a little hairy there you know to be ready for Choo and when Sanchez went back out there, two guys get on because all the lefties, he was in. So yeah, we'll talk to him. I expect he'll be fine. If not, we still have -- Stroman will be available tomorrow and then if we're fortunate to get to a fifth game then Price would get that one or what have you.

Q. John, you talked before the game about hoping for maybe an inning break out to get the offense going again. It took a couple of cracks to get that but did you think it was coming?
JOHN GIBBONS: Yeah, we were in real good position all night long. They made a couple great double plays. Navarro had a great at-bat with the bases loaded and then he hit it on the money, Odor turned a nice double play. And then of course, Colabello, another great at-bat. Moreland's playing in, like he should. And he scalded it, made a great play, and ended up turning two. So you wonder what's going on here, you go maybe this isn't meant to be. I thought we had some great at-bats, we were more patient tonight than we have been. In a lot of ways we hit for power, we slug it out, but I also thought we had some pretty good discipline. I thought that was much better tonight.

Q. John, just to be clear, is Dickey still scheduled tomorrow are you thinking about maybe Price?
JOHN GIBBONS: No, Dickey will start tomorrow. Are you happy with that, Kenny?

Q. Gibb, you mentioned the better discipline at the plate, the better approach. Was that a point of emphasis in some of your game-planning today? And what did you attribute the difference today compared to the first two games?
JOHN GIBBONS: No, we didn't game plan that. You heard a couple guys talking over the last couple days that we weren't being ourselves as far as that. But you know, Gallardo is very good and he lives on the edges, so in a lot of ways that takes away some of that. Hamels is really the same way. Between themselves there wasn't a conscious effort to focus on that, but these guys know who they are after playing so long and I think it was just kind of a thing they did on their own for whatever -- you know, Perez, he's a little more wild than those other too, so we took advantage of that.

Q. You went to Loup in what could become a pretty tight situation. How impressed were you with the way he handled it getting it out? And how big was that --
JOHN GIBBONS: That was huge, they played it around on that. You hope you get a strikeout but you've definitely got to get it out. He's become that much more valuable now that Cecil is down, especially the way their lineup, really their lineup's almost a complete opposite of ours, we're basically right-handed, they're basically left-handed. There's more right-handed relievers out there than there are left-handed relievers. Hopefully we bounce back tomorrow and have another good game and if we're in a good position, we're going to have to rely on him.

ATTORNEY 1: Thanks very much, John.

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