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October 11, 2015

Elvis Andrus

Arlington, Texas - Pregame

MODERATOR: Good afternoon everybody, we'll get started with Rangers shortstop, Elvis Andrus. If you have a question, we have mics on both sides.

Q. Elvis, I'm assuming you've seen Adrian, talked to Adrian. Can you give us a sense of how he's doing compared to Thursday and Friday?
ELVIS ANDRUS: Doing better for sure, he's doing better for sure. We want him healthy, we want him to be in good shape out there to help us though. He's going to take as much time as he needs, especially now we have two games of the series.

Q. Elvis, what did you think of Utley's slide last night in the Mets game?
ELVIS ANDRUS: I mean, you know, he's tough to talk about that one, especially me being a middle infield, you know, talk as a defender and as a runner because I think that you can see his first thought was to break the whole play. That what everybody will do especially in the Postseason. It looked like he drive a little late, that was the only thing I saw, but besides that, I think that it's hard to talk when you're not in that situation. When you're in a game, I don't think if you think your driving early or late, I think you want to break away, no matter what. It's a tough call right there. Hopefully, Tejada's in the series, I don't know about how he is but it's a tough call.

Q. Elvis, for you personally how different is this Postseason experience, or how differently are you looking at it this time around?
ELVIS ANDRUS: It's a lot different. I think the more you play, the more to think about it, but at the same time you have to go out there and try not to act like a rookie. Try and just play hard and see what's going to happen in the future. Sometimes when you think too much you stop playing and that's not the case, but I feel good. We're in a better shape right now as a team, especially coming back two games out. We have the opportunity to close it tonight, and I know tonight's going to be special, and important first two game loss.

Q. Elvis, going back to the slide. I'm not talking about that particular play, but what's the line between what constitutes a good hard play and a slide getting dirty?
ELVIS ANDRUS: I mean, I think you still would be able to break the play if you dive before, you know, you past the base. That's going to always say is a clean slide but you still can get somebody really hard if you dive, you know, like before you cross that line. Like I said, that was the only thing I saw. You can see that he started diving after he passed second base and he knows, he plays second base. For sure from now on he better get out of their way pretty quick, somebody going to get him. But that's the only thing, like I said, that was the only thing I saw in the video, but he stopped, like I say, the situation Postseason you want to break the play so I understand that part, too.

Q. What have you thought of some of the young guys on the team stepping up like Alberto and Odor and Kela, how they've handled the pressure of the playoffs?
ELVIS ANDRUS: Amazing, man. I think one of the biggest reasons we're up two games is because of them. I mean, not only those guys, I think it's the first game of the postseason for Diekman and Dyson and the rest of the bullpen actually. They're amazing, man. I always say they have no fear, they're just playing the game. As a veteran guy or as a guy that's been in the postseason before, my only advice for them to continue to play the same way. I don't want them to stop being aggressive in the base. Like I always say, when you're aggressive, there's going to be a lot of mistake, a lot of bad decision, but when everything going good, you see that. So they're playing great baseball, they on a roll, they really are relaxed. You don't really see them being nervous in any situation, be it bigger than them, especially for Beltre, for him to stay calm and just get back and stay in the middle of the field, it was really huge for us.

Q. You have the 2-0 lead. Does it feel the same as it did Thursday? You guys are still treating it like there is no cushion, you're not relaxing, I guess?
ELVIS ANDRUS: You can't. I mean, it happened before, 2010. We were 2-0, going back home. And time to get Toronto get back on us and win the next two. I think you have to have the same mentality, you have to treat like the first game of the postseason, that way you can stay alert and you can stay ready and on our toes pitch by pitch. I think it's a lot different right now coming back the way we played, especially the last week, two weeks at home having all our fans back tonight is going to be huge for us. Everybody's feeling good, everybody's relaxing and that's what we want right now.

Q. Elvis, how do your legs feel after being on turf for a few days?
ELVIS ANDRUS: My legs, that fine. The one that always suffer is the back.

Q. How's your back feel?
ELVIS ANDRUS: No, no, it feels good, man. I think the turf right now in Toronto is a lot better than it used to be a couple years ago, a lot softer, so your hammies and your back doesn't suffer that much. But no, I feel really good right now.

Q. A little more lighthearted question. I have a friend that's working on a story on walk up music. How do you determine what songs you use and how do you change it, is it because you're in a slump or is it different reasons?
ELVIS ANDRUS: It's usually that. If you're not getting hits you're going to get a new one for sure. I'm keeping the one at the end of the season. I'm not really a superstitious guy on that, but we end up the season really good, especially the way we're playing, so I keep the one I have right now, really enjoy it. It's all about get you in the right mood for every at-bat.

MODERATOR: Thanks, Elvis.

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