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October 11, 2015

Jeff Banister

Arlington, Texas - Pregame

MODERATOR: We'll get started with Jeff Banister. Who wants to get started with the first question?

Q. I see Beltre's not in the lineup. How is he doing today and any chance he can talk his way in there?
JEFF BANISTER: Oh, I'm sure he can always talk his way in there. Right now he's doing much better, continues to improve. I wouldn't rule it out that he would -- between now and game time that he would be coming in my office or finding me to tell me that he was capable of playing, and then I would have a decision to make whether or not we play him. There's a lot of factors to think about today, tomorrow, the rest of this series, however it goes. If we're good enough and score enough runs and pitch well enough and play good enough defense to continue on to another series. So definitely some decisions to make.

Q. You said he's doing much better. What's he able to do today that maybe a day or two ago he wasn't able to?
JEFF BANISTER: Move. That's the short answer of it. I mean, and that's real. No, I think it's just the pain tolerance and whether or not the back continues to spasm. I mean, that's -- I know all of us probably have had muscle spasms along the way, and in the back, the lower region, they don't feel very good. You don't get to do a whole lot and I don't think there's any one position that feels good at all. He's moving around a lot better, and where he's at in baseball activity, I mean, we haven't even really gotten that far yet.

Q. Jeff, I know you managed for all -- the whole team, but when you had to tell Colby he wasn't going to get a start, I know how much you think of Colby, was that a hard news to have to break to him?
JEFF BANISTER: Yeah, it's -- Jerry, that's really it's because of what Colby has done for us this year, what he has done for the Texas Rangers in the past, and the type of pitcher that he's been in the Postseason and the complete body of work, yes. Those are all challenging but they're all challenging for every single player that have been on this roster that have been with us, so we've had some challenging decisions to make. That's a good thing because of the position we're in. I don't take any of them lightly because we have some great character guys inside our clubhouse, and they start with Colby Lewis and what he means to this organization and this team. Now with that being said, that doesn't mean that going forward if, again, we get an opportunity to play, that doesn't mean he doesn't -- we rethink the whole process of where he is in that starting rotation.

Q. How do you view the offense you've been getting from your catchers, not just now but last month or so when you guys had kind of ad hoc'd it?
JEFF BANISTER: Yeah, it was -- I think they've done a great job for us really, not just the overall production but the at-bats that they've been able to put together, quality at-bats they've been able to put together, and a different skill set also every single night whether it's been a ball out of the ballpark, whether it's been a hit-and-run, sacrifice bunt, moving a runner, really they've kind of held down the -- if you want to draw up what it means to be a team hitter, that's what they've been for us, all of them really. You look at them from Chirinos on down.

MODERATOR: Thanks for coming in, Jeff.

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