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October 11, 2015

Shane Lowry

Woburn, England

Q. Talk about the frustrations with the putter, and your reaction when the one dropped on 6 really said it all?
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, it was another good day of playing good golf and holing nothing. But a lot of positives to take from the week. Finished up there, not putting -- woeful putting is the only term I can use. I holed pretty much nothing all week, always hitting it inside ten feet a lot and not making them. It's just frustrating and it's hard. I lost confidence on the greens. But my golf is good enough to finish in the top three putting bad, so you know, a lot of positives to take.

Q. I suppose having a bit of a break, there's always a worry you wonder how the game is going to be when you come back. If there was rust, you wouldn't have known it.
SHANE LOWRY: There was last week, but like I said, I played good at the weekend in St. Andrews and came here, fairly confident, really felt -- honestly felt like I was going to contend, which I did. Felt like I could win. Just going to be shy of that.

But like I said, there's so many positives to take from the week. I can't really be looking at my putting. I think the greens were not great. They were tough to hole putts on. They were quite soft. And it's not the course's fault. It's just the weather we've had. Start of the week, the rain was horrendous. Nothing we can do about that. Just have to get on with it and unfortunately I finished a couple short.

Q. Looks good going into The Final Series.
SHANE LOWRY: Yeah, it does. I have two weeks off now, and hopefully I can kick on in Turkey and two weeks in China and then Dubai and see how I can finish the rest of the year.

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