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October 10, 2015

Martina Hingis

Sania Mirza


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Tell us a little bit about the match. It was a little up and down.
SANIA MIRZA: Well, I think the first set, we were a bit unlucky probably not to win. We got a pretty terrible call at that breakpoint to go up 3‑2. Then after that we probably should have won that tiebreak because we were up the whole time in the tiebreak. All credit to them, they came up and made us hit one extra ball. They probably played them the best out of the last five or six times we played them.
We tried to get ourselves together. It was a tough tiebreak to lose. We could have easily mentally lost it. We wanted to keep it together and use our experience.
The second set we started playing really well, aggressive. We kind of changed our tactics a little bit. They maybe dropped a little bit in their level. We won 6‑1.
In the super tiebreak, it's always a toss up because it's about who is more aggressive, who wins the first three or four points.
It was a great match. It was fun to match. It was really fun to play as well. Now that we've come off, it was a really fun match to play.
MARTINA HINGIS: Yeah, it was great.

Q. In a match like this, when it was up and down so much, do you think of the streak that you are on, that it could come to an end?
MARTINA HINGIS: No. It's pretty much the opposite for me. I feel like we're doing so well on big moments, big points. We had so many opportunities we were able to create in the first set, end up losing it. We stayed aggressive and tried to keep pushing, create more opportunities. All of a sudden things start happening. After the first set, it took so much energy out to be down all the time and have to come back, because we had so many break chances, chances to win the set and the tiebreaker.
They dropped the level a little bit, and we were right away on top of them, broke them, were always up. I think that's what was killing them. That's what we did in the past matches every time.
We just feel like we believe that they cannot‑‑ like feeling they playing the best, we can keep our level. Every time they drop a little bit we're on top of them. That's what happened again today. Once we were in the super tiebreaker, we were always winning. I think it's always tougher when you're behind and have to fight back than when you're aggressive and being the one who is dominating.
So we learned from our experience against them and I think that pays off. That's the experience we were able to win the last four matches out of five.

Q. Can you look ahead to Singapore and how important is it?
SANIA MIRZA: Well, it's obviously very important. I'm going in there as the defending champion. It was my first time there last year. It was a great experience. First time to win it was amazing.
Last year, I don't think we went in as the favorites. Obviously now we go in as the favorites. Not very much changes. We still want to try to win that title. We've kind of worked for it all throughout the year. We got into Singapore three and a half months after playing together. We feel like we deserve to be there. It's a great opportunity for us to win another big title.
MARTINA HINGIS: Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it because it's another tournament that I haven't been. Every time I feel like with Sania that she's been there and done well, we were able to come back and do really well. That's another tournament I'm really looking forward to. I hope we're going to have another great time and hopefully be as successful as the last ones.

Q. Will you go to Tianjin together next week?
MARTINA HINGIS: Sania is going home.
SANIA MIRZA: I have stuff at home to do. She's playing actually with a Chinese next week.
MARTINA HINGIS: I'm looking forward to that. I've been there last year. It's a great tournament, beautiful stadium. Looking forward to play with her.

Q. Martina, do you feel you're still one of the most famous players in China after so many years?
MARTINA HINGIS: Well, the first time I was here was in 2007. Obviously was a different stadium. It's really nice. When you win titles and you have success, everything becomes much easier and nicer, even away from home.
I think, thanks to Sania, we were able to achieve this success. It's always a team that works on these things. But, yeah, actually I got this morning to go visit a place as well, not just see the tennis court and tennis balls. I went to the Summer Palace. It was beautiful. Sometimes it's necessary to do things like that off the court, just to see something else, the beauty around there. It was just amazing, the lake, the palaces, everything. Just get away and come with a fresh mind into this match tonight because I knew it was going to be tough. They're great contestants and we had to give our best.

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