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October 11, 2015

Adam Scott

Songdo IBD, Incheon City, Korea

Q. You made the putt on 7 and you seemed like a completely different golfer. How much confidence did you have standing over the putter after the seventh hole?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it got going for sure. I think the putt on 7 was obviously good. But then to roll one in at a bit longer length is what I missed this week, really, and made a couple. Rickie didn't play his absolute best golf today, so got a way from him, and it was good to play us out a match.

Q. Is this the kind of thing that can propel you into the heights you are accustomed to or is it one day of golf?
ADAM SCOTT: It's all part of the process. Obviously there's quite a process. I'm changing putter. I've tried not to be reactive and get frustrated this week. It's the first week I've putted with the short putter in a while and just getting a feel for it.

So today was obviously a good day for that and I've got a lot of golf left this year. So I'd really like to get myself going and get out and be where I feel like I should be next year.

Q. So you've set the mark for the rest of the team, those matches behind you, there are some that are pretty close right now. Do you hope this inspires the rest of the team, this victory?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, we got the first point on the board. It's always good. But those close ones have to turn around. Anything's possible. They have got to keep believing it's going to happen, and they have done it all week. So hopefully they can continue to do that now.

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