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October 10, 2015

Martin Perez

Arlington, Texas - Pregame

MODERATOR: Start with questions for Martin Perez.

Q. You pitched in that tiebreaker game a couple years ago. It's probably your biggest start of your career. What can you take from that game and apply it to this start?
MARTIN PEREZ: In the experience to have that game, and pitched a big game in Venezuela, too. I know it's going to be so loud tomorrow, but I have to control my emotion and do what I have to do. Control my pitches, what I want to throw, and at the end of the night, win the game.

Q. Martin, how much better are you at controlling your emotions now and why do they tend to get ramped up or increase?
MARTIN PEREZ: I think a lot. I got, you know, other guys and then they told me what I have to do in situations in the game. And I just try to rest every time when I got emotion. But I know it's not going to be easy tomorrow, but I'm ready. Then I just want to go out there and support my teammates and, you know, do my job.

Q. Martin, on the emotion topic, how does having a 2-0 lead help you maybe relax a little, knowing it's not do-or-die for y'all?
MARTIN PEREZ: I mean, I'm not, like, relaxed, but I think feel more comfortable. But we have to fight tomorrow, too, and continue what we have to continue to do and work as a team. The team, we start in spring training. We have a goal, and now we're here, so we have to finish what we can do in 2010 and '11. I think this is a great opportunity to us and let's finish. I think if you everybody do their job, I think we can, you know, we can go to the next round.

Q. What changed for you the last two starts, or maybe not changed, but what has worked for you those last two starts of the regular season?
MARTIN PEREZ: I think I feel more comfortable because not easy to be out for 14 month and then come here again and do what I do. I think other guys talk to me, too, and that I don't need to do too much, just do my job and throw the ball down. I think Hamels and Gallardo, they help me a lot, and I like to ask questions to those guys because they've got more experience than me. And Beltre, he help me a lot, too. But I feel good, and then I just going to go out there tomorrow and do my job and do my best.

Q. Did you learn anything about how to pitch to the Blue Jays by watching your teammates the past two days?
MARTIN PEREZ: Yes, yes. I think I have to attack. That's the key. Keep the ball down. I have my plan for tomorrow, but, you know, just want to focus down in the zone and throw that pitch what I want to. Command my pitches. And at the end of the 9th we can get a good result.

Q. How much of a benefit is it for you to work with Robinson behind the plate?
MARTIN PEREZ: A lot. I think he's one of my best friends and now we have the opportunity to, you know, go out together tomorrow. And it's an honor for me to have Chirinos behind the plate because we represent the guys play with us, Texas Rangers, and we represent the country, Venezuela. So I think it's going to be a big night for us tomorrow and he know what we have to do and I know what I have to do, so have fun tomorrow. You know, don't put pressure because we are a humble team and that's why we're here, so let's finish tomorrow.

Q. You mentioned pitching in a big game in Venezuela. What would be the biggest game you've pitched in and roughly how many fans would you say were there?
MARTIN PEREZ: I pitched in Caracas. And I never going to forget that experience because I think the fans is different because you understand everything what they say. And, you know, then that's hard. I was pitch there when I was just 19 years old. Not a lot of experience but that helped me a lot and that's when I start to mature a little bit more as a pitcher. And I like to pitch in a big game. I know you guys know that I show to you guys and the fans that I can really pitch in big games and I just want to stay focused tomorrow, and like I say, throw the pitch what I want to throw and win. That's what it's all about.

Q. Was it a championship-type game you pitched there?
MARTIN PEREZ: No, that was the first game of the season against that team, and was so loud, and I tell you guys, it's hard to pitch there. I know it's not easy to pitch here, too, but not really. I've seen worse for 14 months off, so alone, and I was prepare myself and my body and my arm for this situation and, you know, it's time to do -- to doing good and win as a team --

Q. Is there any advantage for you, do you feel, at this point having pitched fewer innings than a lot of the other guys in your rotation, or does the fact you've had to come back from Tommy John and work so much kind of eliminate that?
MARTIN PEREZ: I think I feel good, no? I don't throw a lot of innings this year, but when you, like past the postseason, that's when you have to, you know, do your rest, do everything that you have. I think that's what I'm going to do tomorrow. Like I say, I feel ready and I feel good and let's see how it's going to be everything tomorrow.

MODERATOR: Thank you, Martin. Good luck tomorrow.

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