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October 9, 2015

Chen Liang

Yafan Wang


THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. Competing against the No.1 team today, what is your assessment of today's performance?
CHEN LIANG: I'm not feeling good right now. In the previous matches, we were playing really good. But today against the No.1 team, we were trying to play our best.
But what we did today was very different from what we expected due to weather or pressure or confidence level. I think we had lower confidence today, which has a big influence on our performance.
We're really not playing at 100%. We were trying to beat the No.1 team, trying to fight against the No.1 team. It was not a very good experience.
YAFAN WANG: I agree with her. Mentally we thought that they are the No.1 team. More or less we felt the pressure. We were not doing the best we could. We were not playing 100%. We were not playing loose enough, open enough.

Q. Liang Chen, when you were in Guangzhou in the qualifying rounds, you had some injuries. You haven't practiced with your partner for a while. Did you find this chemistry back after so many matches together?
CHEN LIANG: Of course, we found the chemistry or we wouldn't have won so many matches in the China Open.
In Guangzhou, due to that performance, where we hadn't practiced for a while, we didn't really play our best.
In Wuhan we met really tough opponents. We were still trying to partner with each other. We're very focused. We're going back to the original plan.
I'm feeling better in terms of injuries. I'm not feeling any negative impacts from the injuries in this tournament.

Q. You have a higher ranking in doubles, Liang Chen. Do you have any expectation regarding your ranking in the singles? You have won several titles, and you were able to break through the first round in the China Open. Have you ever considered or had higher expectations of yourself in the singles matches?
CHEN LIANG: In the singles, I didn't really play that many events. I'm still in the top 400. I'm just doing events once in a while. In the doubles I still have to improve a lot, improve my physical energy and tactics.
After the China Open, I will go to HongKong. After that, I will play some other ITF events. Then I'll take a break.
Next year I would like to participate in more singles events.
YAFAN WANG: Before I was really focusing on the singles. Before I partnered with her, I didn't play many doubles events. I didn't have too many points in doubles. I didn't see any improvement in the ranking.
In this tournament, we were supposed to have a wild card. But due to the small number of competitors, we were able to be in the China Open, and we're looking forward to more events in the future.

Q. Liang Chen, you're not on the Fed Cup team. Next year will be the Olympic year. You have a high ranking in doubles and singles. Do you have any plans to participate in the Olympics?
CHEN LIANG: It really depends on the schedule and the plans of the national team. I was in these events, but it was a long time ago. I have communication with the national team. We will have some communication regarding that. We're preparing for it.

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