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October 10, 2015

Hideki Matsuyama

Branden Grace

Louis Oosthuizen

Sangmoon Bae

Songdo IBD, Incheon City, Korea

CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: We have the winning Internationals Team from the afternoon session. If I can have each of you guys give some opening remarks before we go to questions. We'll start off with Sangmoon.

SANGMOON BAE: Me and Hideki played well in the morning and we continued the momentum into the afternoon, and I would say it was one of the best matches that I've ever played, the fourball match I had in the afternoon.

HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: Being paired with Sangmoon Bae was great today. He played well and it was a great thrill for me to be able to play with him.

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Yeah, I think that was the best match I've been involved with this afternoon. I don't know how many birdies there were between the four of us, obviously Branden started unbelievable and then the middle of the round, I helped on a few holes.

But then the chip-in on 16, and the second on 18, he just showed that he's a world-class player and there's no moment too big for him. He's going to be a really great player and I was so honored to play with him for three days.

BRANDEN GRACE: Thanks, man (patting Louis on the shoulder).

Yeah, it was fun. I think the team is real excited for tomorrow. It was a great day and we are in a great position. Obviously we would have liked to be square going into tomorrow but there's a lot of golf still to be played.

But today was just unbelievable. I think we had a great few days, a great four wins, and we really played some great golf the last couple of days. And today was nothing different.

This morning's round was really good. Louis stepped in there plenty of times when he had to, and in the afternoon, you know, there's no one in a team. We played some great golf. When was in trouble, the other kicked in. Just a remarkable round of golf and just fortunate to come out on top.

Q. What was your yardage on 18?
BRANDEN GRACE: I actually talked Louis out of going for it, out of laying up. Because I thought, you know -- it was getting dark out there and I knew I could get a 3-wood there. I didn't really think water was in play. Obviously if I hit a bad shot, then it was, but I thought I've got plenty in the tank to get over there.

And Louis said, why don't you hit it down the left because then it's a pretty decent chip. I think the fortunate thing for myself was that I didn't know his ball was in the water. We both thought it was over and we still think it's over there in the bunker.

But yeah, managed to hit one great shot. I actually thought it pitched on the green, and I haven't seen the shot, so I don't know where it's finished or how it got to where it did. Just remarkable to pull a shot off like that.

Q. Secondly, you guys are the first International Team to win all four team matches. Did you see that coming at the start of the week?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: No, I don't think anyone really sees that coming. You need to click with your partner and you need to play well. You know, I suggested to Pricey after the first day that he might, if he wants to, he could split us up for better-ball because both of us are playing pretty decent and we can pull another guy to really get them fired up.

But he just said, there's no chance we're splitting you. And obviously when he's the captain, he got that right. We know each other well. We are good friends. We come from the same place back in SA. It was just -- we just had a great time out there. We were so relaxed for three days, and never really a nervous moment. And yeah, it was just nice.

Q. Can you talk about the fact that without you two guys playing the way you have, the team would probably certainly not have been in this position? And how this team has been able to deal with the adversity of going down 4-1 early versus other teams that has not been able to come back from that.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: You know, we're motivated. We need to win a Presidents Cup. I think that everyone on the team feels that way. We want to win one for Adam, we want to win one for Pricey, and we want to win one for ourselves.

It's been a long time since it happened, and we came into this week with pretty good form, all of us. And we believe; we believe we can do it. I think tomorrow's going to be very exciting. You know, we've got nothing to lose. We're going out guns blazing and we're going to give it everything we've got. We're going up against great, great players, so we need to do that to be able to try and win it.

Q. Tell us a little bit about how you enjoyed playing with Sangmoon Bae.
HIDEKI MATSUYAMA: You know, even though I'm not Korean, being out there today with Sangmoon Bae and the great enthusiasm and cheering from all of the crowd, really lifted my spirits and made me feel right at home. I'm happy with the way things went, and again, it was an honor and a thrill to be part of that today.

Q. Your birdie putts on 7,8 and 9 were probably the winning determinants for today's match. So what did you feel about it, and what is your feeling about tomorrow's singles match?
SANGMOON BAE: Well, Hideki was playing very, very well up until the sixth hole, and I just continued the momentum through the ninth hole.

So for tomorrow, I want to be totally relaxed and just focus on contributing to the victory of the International Team possibly.

Q. Can you talk about how special this must be for you to not only perform like this in your first Cup, but to do it here in South Korea.
SANGMOON BAE: Well, this is my personal honor, and also, I want to thank Captain Price for giving me this opportunity to be part of this year's International Team for this year's Presidents Cup. And I also thank all the fans in Korea and around the world for supporting me.

And this has been a very great week, and my only focus for tomorrow will be to play well, go out there and have fun.

CHUAH CHOO CHIANG: Thank you, Team International, and good luck tomorrow.

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