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October 10, 2015

Jay Haas

Thongchai Jaidee

Nick Price

Songdo IBD, Incheon City, Korea

CHRIS REIMER: We'll begin the pairings process for the singles matches. At this time we'll turn it over to Steve Carman, Vice President of Rules and Competitions for the PGA TOUR to start the proceedings.


STEVE CARMAN: For the fifth and final round of the 2015 Presidents Cup, the International Team has the first selection for the singles matches.

Captain Price?

NICK PRICE: For Match 19, we select Louis Oosthuizen.

STEVE CARMAN: International selection for Match 19 is Mr. Oosthuizen.

U.S. Team selects?

JAY HAAS: Match 19, U.S. Team, we'll put out Patrick Reed.

STEVE CARMAN: U.S. selection, Mr. Reed.

U.S. selects for Match 20.

JAY HAAS: Match 20, the U.S. will put out Rickie Fowler.

STEVE CARMAN: U.S. selection for Match 20 is Mr. Fowler.

International Team selection?

NICK PRICE: Match 20, we select Adam Scott.

STEVE CARMAN: International Team selection for Match 20 is Mr. Scott.

International Team selects first, Match 21.

NICK PRICE: Match 21, we select Danny Lee.

STEVE CARMAN: International selection for Match 21, Mr. Lee.

U.S. Team selection?

JAY HAAS: Match No. 21, U.S. selects Dustin Johnson.

STEVE CARMAN: Match 21, U.S. selects Mr. Dustin Johnson.

U.S. selects first in Match 22.

JAY HAAS: Match No. 22, the U.S. selects J.B. Holmes.

STEVE CARMAN: U.S. selection in Match 22 is Mr. Holmes.

International Team selection?

NICK PRICE: Match 22, we select Hideki Matsuyama.

STEVE CARMAN: International Team selection for Match 22 is Mr. Matsuyama.

International Team selects first in Match 23.

NICK PRICE: Match 23, we select Thongchai Jaidee.

STEVE CARMAN: International selection in Match 23 is Mr. Jaidee.

U.S. selection for Match 23?

JAY HAAS: Match No. 23, the U.S. selects Bubba Watson.

STEVE CARMAN: U.S. selection in Match 23 is Mr. Watson.

U.S. selects first in Match 24.

JAY HAAS: Match No. 24, the U.S. selects Jimmy Walker.

STEVE CARMAN: The U.S. selection in Match 24 is Mr. Walker.

International selection now for Match 24.

NICK PRICE: For Match 24, we select Steven Bowditch.

STEVE CARMAN: International selection for Match 24, Mr. Bowditch.

International Team selects first in Match 25.

NICK PRICE: Match 25, we select Charl Schwartzel.

STEVE CARMAN: International selection for Match 25 is Mr. Schwartzel. Par U.S. selection for Match 25.

JAY HAAS: Match 25, the U.S. selects Phil Mickelson.

STEVE CARMAN: U.S. selection for Match 25 is Mr. Mickelson.

U.S. Team selects first for Match 26.

JAY HAAS: Match 26, U.S. selects Chris Kirk.

STEVE CARMAN: U.S. selection for Match 26, Mr. Kirk.

International Team selection for Match 26?

NICK PRICE: Match 26, we select Anirban Lahiri.

STEVE CARMAN: International Team for Match 26, Mr. Lahiri.

International Team selects first in Match 27.

NICK PRICE: Match 27, we select Marc Leishman.

STEVE CARMAN: International selection for Match 27, Marc Leishman.

U.S. Team selection for Match 27?

JAY HAAS: Match No. 27, the U.S. selects Jordan Spieth.

STEVE CARMAN: U.S. selection for Match 27 is Mr. Spieth.

U.S. Team selects first in Match 28.

JAY HAAS: Match No. 28, the U.S. selects Zach Johnson.

STEVE CARMAN: U.S. selection for Match 28, Mr. Zach Johnson.

International Team selection for Match 28?

NICK PRICE: Match 28, we select Jason Day.

STEVE CARMAN: International Team selection for Match 28 is Mr. Day.

International Team selects first for Match 29.

NICK PRICE: Match 29, we select Branden Grace.

STEVE CARMAN: International selection for Match 29 is Mr. Grace.

United States Team selection for Match 29?

JAY HAAS: Match No. 29, the U.S. selects Matt Kuchar.

STEVE CARMAN: U.S. selection for Match 29 is Mr. Kuchar.

JAY HAAS: Match 30, Bill Haas. (Laughter).

NICK PRICE: We'll choose Moon. (Laughter).

STEVE CARMAN: Thank you, gentlemen.

With the forecast tomorrow turning a little bit worse than it was for today, we've decided to move the tee times forward. First tee time will be 9:15, 12-minute increments, and last tee time will be 11:27.

CHRIS REIMER: Okay. We'll take some questions and get some comments from the captain. Start with Captain Price, long but exciting day of golf today. I'd like to ask you first about your take on Louis Oosthuizen and Branden Grace, four of 8.5 points for the International Team. Just talk about those guys.

NICK PRICE: They have been the stars of our team. Not to take anything away from any of the other guys, but they have set the pace every day. They just love being out in front and running out there.

What a day's golf today. There was some unbelievable golf played, under conditions this afternoon that I thought were more like Open Championship, British Open Championship conditions than anything else. It was very cold, windy, and the guys kept making birdies.

It was phenomenal. I think that's just a credit to all the players on both teams. The fact that we started the day a point behind and we are still a point behind, and I don't know how many birdies were made today, but that was some kind of golf. I hope you guys were all entertained, because I was.

CHRIS REIMER: Captain Haas, if you could, some comments about today, and especially coming down to the end there in the dark with Jordan pulling off that final point.

JAY HAAS: An amazing day, as Nick said, all around some great golf by both teams, ebb and flow.

Early on, it looked like the International Team had the upper hand; we would make a little bit of a run; they would come back. After all of that, to play to a tie throughout this whole thing today is pretty amazing.

Moon and Hideki, I think were 9-under the first 11 holes. Branden and Louis were 10-under maybe, 10- or 11-under for 18 holes. Incredible golf, and proud of the way our guys hung in there.

Bubba and J.B. going 36 and hanging in there, playing all the holes; I know they have to be exhausted. But all of the guys put out a great effort and we are excited for tomorrow.

Q. This is as close as it's been going into Sunday in ten years. How much of that do you attribute to the way you boys played; how much of it do you attribute to the points change?
NICK PRICE: I think the points change is huge. You know, I've been outspoken about that for a long time. But these guys have played phenomenally well. If you take our 4-1 day after the first day, we played really well since then; to come back and win 7.5 points, as opposed to 5.5 from the U.S. The last three sessions we have done really, really well.

It's both, honestly. I can't actually single out one particular thing. But this is what we all came here for, for it to be exciting tomorrow. And obviously doing the singles, the setup for the singles is very difficult. But I'm going to go and ask my team to go and play golf tomorrow. Each and every one of them has to play golf tomorrow and play to the very best of their ability. That's all we can do.

But I think it's been a phenomenally exciting week and I think tomorrow is going to be no different.

Q. Captains in the past in Presidents Cups and Ryder Cups have been behind, have been criticized when they have not front-loaded their selections in singles. It looks like from at least what's happened this week, you did not front load. Can you explain why you didn't? And secondly, why you decided to put Bae last.
NICK PRICE: Well, I think you're being a little harsh on my top four players there. Those first four, Louis, Adam, Danny and Hideki: Danny finished second at THE TOUR Championship two weeks ago. Hideki shot 8- or 9-under on his own ball today. Louis has played great. And Adam has been one of the best players in the world for the last four or five years. I think that's pretty strong right there.

You know, I think it's an even spread, if you ask me, down the bottom. Obviously the guys have to go out and play golf, pure and simple. You know what, you top load our top six or seven players on either team, are so evenly matched.

It's a call. I mean, that's what you do. It's a call as a captain, and I think we all four of us went with our guts, gut feelings up there, as to how we do it. And I think we got some really good match-ups tomorrow.

But in a nutshell, the guys have got to play golf tomorrow. I think we're going to see some phenomenal matches again tomorrow. But we're only one behind. So if you top-load, if you are three or four or five behind, that's fine. But we're only one behind.

So I don't really believe in top-loading, and Jay didn't top-load, either.

Q. And just about Sangmoon, putting him last, what was the philosophy there?
NICK PRICE: There wasn't any philosophy in that. It's just that I wanted to keep three really strong players toward the end to be honest. I was surprised they put Jordan down opposite Marc Leishman, but obviously they figured out where their strengths are throughout that, and with Jordan, I think they are figuring that he is going to be the point that's going to win them. But if it isn't, then the favorite, the momentum switches to us at the end.

You know, again, I wish -- you get six of what you want and you get six of what you don't want when you do it this way. So it's a tough call. I mean, basically, you go to your team and say, guys, you've all got to go out and play golf tomorrow. I think they are all aware of it.

Q. Along those lines, could you kind of walk us through the way it played out, you had a chance to save Jordan for a potential late match up with Jason as we all talked about. Can you address that?
JAY HAAS: Yeah, I guess we wanted Jordan in slot No. 8, 9, 10, somewhere in there, and I guess we could have posted him in 10.

I know a lot of people -- I heard some groans had we put him up that it was not a Jason/Jordan matchup. But they played the last two days, or they played two matches against each other this week; so not a head-to-head personal battle.

But they have played a lot of that golf during the season. So I don't know if it was a make-or-break The Presidents Cup if they played or didn't play. So I don't know if we were too concerned about that matchup.

I guess we just wanted to get Jordan in there where, you know, we just felt like that was a good slot for him; not that we thought that that was an easy match up by any means. You go down the line on both teams, and to me, it would be hard to pick out an easy match. It's been proven throughout the course of the week, guys are playing well and they are great players. It was just kind of a feeling we had. Kuch likes to sleep late. We didn't want to putt ZJ up against a bomber, so we put him with Jason (laughter).

No, you just don't know what the other side is going to do and where they are going to putt guys. I think this is a pretty interesting way to do it, rather than just posting the 12 guys. Jordan didn't call out anybody by any means, and he wanted to go a little bit later. That was our thinking.

Q. You have potentially left the entire outcome of the Cup and how you will be judged as captain in the hands of your son. And this is something that Hollywood would accept this script, right. But did you have a conversation ahead of time with him? Did he ask about it? Give us a little background on where that decision came from.
JAY HAAS: Why he ended up last? No, we had him probably from slot No. 5 on. We were pointing to all these different guys. Kind of the brain trusts came up with who they did in the interim. You know, that would be pretty cool if it did happen.

I was in that position in '95 at Oak Hill and didn't put myself very good, so maybe can atone for my -- I was 11 that year -- no, I was 11. Maybe Phil was 12. He closed out his match.

No conversation, 'Bill, I'm going to put you last' or anything like that. That's just kind of the way it's played out here. Some of the guys wanted to go a little bit earlier maybe. We thought they would be good early. I think Patrick and Rickie, Rickie didn't play this afternoon, so I think he's anxious to go. Just kind of the way it all fell.

Q. K.J., so all the pairings are out for tomorrow's singles matches, do you like it and do you think the International Team will win tomorrow?
K.J. CHOI: Well, we need seven points to win tomorrow, and as you can see, all of the pairings, it's very tight. It's going to be neck-and-neck competitions. It will be very hard to predict who is going to win in one match.

We think that at the end of the day, it will be maybe one point or half a point that will make or break this year's Presidents Cup. However, all the players in the International Team are very confident, and I, myself, have played in The Presidents Cup three times, and this the first time that we are going into the singles matches with only one-point difference. It has been always four- to six-point differences.

So I told my players that there's no pressure on you. Just relax, go out there and play well tomorrow.

CHRIS REIMER: Last comments, K.J., if you could, just comments on how Sangmoon Bae has performed thus far, and his play as we head into the singles matches.

K.J. CHOI: For the past three days, he's played 54 holes, and he's always confident and ready to go. Plus, he's very familiar with this course, so that could be one advantage that he has playing this Presidents Cup.

We didn't plan him to be in the last match, but if my prediction is right, and it's going to be down to the wire, that only one or half a point will make or break the victory of this Presidents Cup, I believe that Sangmoon Bae is confident enough to win over the pressure. He's also in very good physical condition right now.

So I hope that he will take a good break tonight and be ready to go tomorrow.

CHRIS REIMER: Thank you, Captains. Good luck tomorrow.

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