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October 9, 2015

Tamika Catchings

Shenise Johnson

Indianapolis, Indiana: Game Three

Minnesota Lynx - 80
Indiana Fever - 77

Q. You had a great first half and 14 points I think led all scorers at that point and made 3 the rest of the way. Can you talk about what adjustments were made at the half that limited you in the second?
SHENISE JOHNSON: It's not really about me. 14 points, 17 points is irrelevant. We're about wins and losses. So 14 points is great, but we're walking away with an L right now.

Q. Catch, how do you guys rebound from a disheartening loss like that?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: I mean, we have to stay together as a team, and we have to focus on the thing that's we did do well tonight. I felt like we fought really hard. We did some really, really good things in the second half. We did some really good things all night long. So we have to dwell on the positives. That last second shot, if it doesn't go, we go into overtime and who knows what the outcome of the game is. So I think instead of dwelling on, oh, man, we lost. It is a heartbreaker to lose like that.
But at the same time, when you know what you're capable of as a team and we know we're so much better, we did a great job. Sylvia, we did a great job on Seimone and everybody else. The bench players that came in kind of kept them in the game. You look down their stat sheet and all the people that got double figures, Maya coming in, I mean, we did our job on other people‑‑ on the people we wanted to, but we let other people step up, and we can't afford to do that.

Q. You got Maya in foul trouble and their bench stepped up and kept you guys from capitalizing. What would you make of their effectiveness tonight?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: Just like I just said, they were able to do a lot of different things. For us as a team, we just have to do a much better job.

Q. I just had to ask about that lay‑up.

Q. You make that 99.9 times out of a 100. What happened?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: Yeah, this is probably the worst that I've played, period. It's just frustrating as a player when you know you're so much better. But it's not about me like Mo said. It's about the team and making sure that as a team, everybody's ready to play. And playing my role right now and trying to do everything else until my game gets going, but we don't have much time. Come on.
SHENISE JOHNSON: Running out of time. We've got to come on, baby.

Q. Shenise and Tamika, it seemed like the Lynx really ramped up their defense a lot in the third quarter as they did in game 2. Were they forcing you to start your offense a little farther out on the court in the third quarter, especially? And maybe even the whole second half?
SHENISE JOHNSON: Yeah, I thought they did a great job of denying us, but we work on that. So we have to be prepared to execute that. We can't allow their pressure to get us pushed out. But you're right. I thought they did a great job of taking us out of our sets.

Q. Tamika, the end of game 2, you made a statement about how you wanted to take your frustrations and bottle them up and explode when you got back here to Indiana. Tonight, how close to that do you think you got? Do you have a little more that you want to explode?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: Got a lot more now, right? Yeah, I felt like we came out and it was a great game. That's what you want to see for the Finals. That's what you want to see representing the WNBA when people tune into the WNBA game and they're looking at the Final, you want a great game. You don't want a blowout on either side.
So I felt like we came out and we did. We played really, really well. But when it comes down to a last‑second shot, I mean, she doesn't go for the steal, and she's in front of Maya, maybe she doesn't get such a wide‑open look. But it's a team effort. It didn't come down to just that last shot. It's shots that happened throughout the fourth quarter that we didn't do a good job on our defensive execution, offensively, turning the ball over, not getting rebounds. It's a combination of different things.
So I felt like we did come out and play really, really well. And Sunday we're going to come out and play even better. We have a really good team. Really young, really good, but everybody's locked in. We've been in this situation before, and before we came into this game we talked about it being the best of three series, back to best of three instead of best of five, so now our back is against the wall again and we have one more game to live. We've got to focus on what we need to do to get better.

Q. Catch, Cheryl said that last shot was in slow motion like you'd see in the movie. What was it like on the court? Was it same sort of thing, like she released and was it going to go in or not or was it quick and done?
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: In hindsight it was oh, I should have done this, oh, I should have done that. For me it just happened so fast. It was like e okay, it didn't go in, it couldn't have gone in. Then you're like 1.7 seconds, that's a long time for a dribble, a shot fake, a dribble, a dribble to the side and a shot.
So, you know, it's kind of like in your head okay, it didn't go. But watching the tape and watching it go on the big screen, you see it went in.
SHENISE JOHNSON: It was in slow motion for me.
TAMIKA CATCHINGS: It was so fast.

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