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October 9, 2015

Delino Deshields

Hanser Alberto

Toronto, Ontario - Postgame two

Rangers - 6 Blue Jays - 4

MODERATOR: Hanser Albert and DeShields. First question.

Q. Hanser, you got the chance to get the game-winning hit, you had made the error in the second that led to two unearned runs. How did you feel about getting that opportunity to win the game?
HANSER ALBERTO: First of all, you know, feel pretty sour in the moment because that cost us like a couple runs. But you know we fight until the last out. It was a team effort and you know, just keeping my head up and ready for the next ground ball after that. A lot of more coming and continue to play, so got to be ready every time.

Q. Delino, what does it mean for you guys to come in here and take two from them on their home turf? And how does it make you feel getting on that airplane and heading back to Texas?
DELINO DeSHIELDS: I think it's really important coming in here, especially getting the first game. We got the first game, we was pretty confident going into the second game regardless of Adrian getting hurt. We were kind of bummed out about that but we kept our heads up and we came today ready to play. Getting an opportunity to go home and finish the job at home in front of our fans is, you know, what we live for. This is what we've been working hard to do since day one. We live for this. This is what we've been working hard. At this point this is what we were trying to get to. We get to go home, we have a lot of momentum, we have a lot of confidence and we play really well at home. Getting on the flight back, everybody's really excited.

Q. Hanser, could you kind of go through that last at-bat kind of for us a little bit?
HANSER ALBERTO: You know, I've been 0-4 a couple strikeouts but in postseason everybody's really important. I just looking for fastball every time, so finally I get it, put a good swing and thank Odor because he's hustling, that's the whole matter.

DELINO DeSHIELDS: Whose bat do you use?


Q. I have a question for each of you, first Hanser. Did you talk to Beltre today? Did he give you any advice or encouragement or anything?
HANSER ALBERTO: Yeah, I been looking -- he moved me, he told me where he play. The good thing is he say, hey, be you, play like your game, play like you've been doing playing and just forget about like the situation, forget what happened and just go play the game like you've been doing.

Q. Delino, a tough series against tough pitching, manufacturing runs is big, and obviously the leadoff hitter is a big part of that and you've been in the middle both days. Do you feel like you're really stepping up here even with the knee and everything like that?
DELINO DeSHIELDS: Honestly, I just feel like I'm having fun and playing baseball. I'm not really thinking about how we score, how much I'm producing. Just going up there trying to have quality at-bats and make an impact as much as I can. When I get on base, good things happen. I took pride in that all year long and regardless of how it's done, first batter's really important, having a quality at-bat, especially their good starters that they have. You know, I think just the main thing is just to go out there and have fun and enjoy every step of the way and take it all in, not take it for granted and regardless of the outcome, just as long as you're having fun, it's all good.

Q. Hanser, was that the first time today that you had used Delino's bat? And why did you choose it, what about it did you like?
HANSER ALBERTO: Yeah, that was the first time. I don't know, hey, this bat, use in the game. You know, not going to use that. I've been 0-4, I just feel it. I don't even asking him for it. Hey, I'm going to use your bat. I don't know, just good swing. Did good, too, you know.

MODERATOR: Thank you, thank you both for coming in.

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