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October 9, 2015

Marco Estrada

Toronto, Ontario - Pregame

Rangers - 6 Blue Jays - 4

MODERATOR: Marco Estrada is here.

Q. You said after your start against the Rays that you were having some issues locating your pitches early in the game and that you were looking to change that. What kind of changes have you made?
JEFF BANISTER: Yeah, normally I don't really -- I don't throw very much in the bullpen. I think I went out there and threw a little more and took it kind of game like. Things went really well this last bullpen so I'm excited to bring that over to the next game.

Q. Marco, two questions. First, what was it like watching this game, rollercoaster ride. Can you take us through what you were thinking?
MARCO ESTRADA: Man, it was tough, you know. I wanted to be out there. It's a lot harder being a spectator than it is a player. I like being out there. I love the competition and there's really nothing I can do today but the guys played hard, played really hard, just came up a little short. A lot of weird things happened today, just was unfortunate it didn't go our way.

Q. I know it's just a few minutes but have you had a chance to process that you're taking the mound with the season on the line and what that means to you and the pressure of that?
MARCO ESTRADA: I'm taking it the same way as I would any other game. We've got to win regardless. Even if we would have won today, I would have had the same mentality going into the game on Sunday. So nothing's really changed for me. I'm going to give it my all no matter what. Like I said, if we were up 2-0 or down 0-2, like we are, it's the same mentality for me.

Q. In spite of the final results, you guys have been doing a good job both games in keeping the Rangers' lineup in check. Is that a game plan you feel like you can sustain going into Arlington?
MARCO ESTRADA: Yeah, I'm going to follow Navi, that's basically it. I felt comfortable with him back there and confident with whatever he calls. We do have a game plan, but that's between him and I. I feel like we know these hitters pretty well now, so just going to try and locate every pitch.

Q. What have you learned about the Rangers' lineup from these first two games of the series?
MARCO ESTRADA: They're a very good offensive team, but there's also a lot of -- basically every Major League lineup is a very good offensive team. Everybody can hit, doesn't matter how hard, how slow, whatever. This is no different. This means a little more because it's the playoffs, but they've got a good lineup. They make contact and I'm just going to try to keep them off the bases.

Q. What previous situation have you been in that might be closest to the pressures that you face tomorrow?
MARCO ESTRADA: Every game's like this. You want to win every single one. I've pitched in the playoffs before but out of the bullpen. You know, got a taste of it and had a lot of fun with it, I had a lot of adrenaline going, I know how to handle it and I've been there before, so I'm looking forward to starting Sunday.

Q. Just going back to the previous question about sort of the magnitude of this game sinking in, given that you were in a completely different role when you started the season with the Blue Jays, have you had any -- do you reflect at all on like how far you've come since then?
MARCO ESTRADA: I mean, a little. I knew obviously I started in the bullpen when the season started, but I also feel I didn't really have the time to show the team what I could do. I rolled my ankle, missed a few weeks, so I think if I could have stayed healthy for spring training, I would have showed them a little something. And I feel I would have had a much better shot obviously at making the rotation. But I also do feel like I could have made the rotation, or I would have. And the coaching staff can tell me, hey, just be ready, one of these days you'll get your chance again. And that's basically what happened, I just ran with it.

MODERATOR: Okay, thank you for coming in. Safe travels.

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