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October 9, 2015

Zack Greinke

Los Angeles, California - Pregame

Q. How much is it going to help that you can see the current or latest lineup for your start tomorrow?
ZACK GREINKE: Well, the difference, I guess, Kershaw's left-handed and I'm right-handed, so it's two completely different ways of pitching them, and they'll probably have two different approaches. But I think they've got a lot of lefties playing today. So the lineup should be pretty similar.

Q. It seemed like the ball was flying out in BP yesterday. Wanted to know if you noticed that and if you think this heat could play any factor in terms of the distance your balls might travel here in the series?
ZACK GREINKE: Maybe a little bit. It's been traveling all year it seems like. Yeah, it is pretty hot, so it should travel a little bit more than average. But the same weather both teams have to play with.

Q. How do you feel like you've benefited from three years of interacting with and watching Clayton pitch?
ZACK GREINKE: Just I guess -- I mean the thing I learned most from him is just if you get some good pitches you can almost have the same sequence to where the hitters almost know what you're doing. But if your pitches are that good, they can't do anything with them. And that's what Kershaw has done ever since I've been here. So I'd probably stop trying to trick guys as much as I used to, and try to make my pitches as good as possible.

Q. The new front office and their focus on analytics and stuff, how much more information do you have at your fingertips than you might have had in the past, and how has that changed your game planning or preparation?
ZACK GREINKE: I mean they have more. I guess I don't even know how much more they have. We had a bunch last year too, and I've kind of just stuck with the same type stuff I've always used. I mean maybe the infield shifting and outfield shifting might have changed some or maybe they give the catchers some information that I don't normally have so that they can call a slightly better game, but just me individually hasn't changed too much.

Q. How much can you take from the times you've faced the Mets this season already?
ZACK GREINKE: I mean, they're a little bit different than most teams. But just from the last three years facing them, probably a little bit. But they're still making as good of pitches as you can, and that's kind of the plan for the most part.

Q. There is a perception at least in the community here, given the success the Dodgers have had the last couple years that this is the year to get to the World Series if the season is not successful. Do you agree, disagree, and why?
ZACK GREINKE: I mean, I've felt that the last couple years, and I think that's how people in the clubhouse feel is we should have done better the last couple years. This year our team is really good also, but the teams that are in the playoffs are just as good or -- I mean, they've got some really good teams. I mean, I wouldn't say anything's guaranteed, and it's not easy, but we have as good of a chance as anyone.

Q. How do you balance the fact that you need to be on a routine and the fact that these games are special? I guess the question is how is tomorrow any different from any other game you pitched this year?
ZACK GREINKE: That's one thing I think experience kind of helps being in the playoffs, because I do sort of treat it sort of similar to just a regular game, or I try to as much as possible, where the first time in the playoffs is a little bit different. I feel it's helped out just trying to keep it as similar as just any other game.

Q. Donnie sounded like he would not be hesitant really at all to use Clayton on short rest in Game 4, where with you there was maybe a little more reservation. How do you feel about that if needed to go on short rest?
ZACK GREINKE: I mean, I told them three years ago, I'll pitch on short rest. I just haven't done it good in my career. So I think that's kind of why it has been like that in the past is just I haven't done good doing that in the past, and Kershaw is more confident than me doing it. So that's what I'm guessing he is doing it by. But I'll do it. I just haven't done good at it.

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