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October 9, 2015

Kyle Hendricks

St. Louis, Missouri - Pregame

THE MODERATOR: If you have a question for Kyle we will get the microphone to you.

Q. Kyle, what was your reaction when you heard that you would be starting Game 2?
KYLE HENDRICKS: We have been thinking about what would happen during the series for a while, and I've been preparing myself for any possibilities, so I wasn't caught off guard, but I was definitely excited. I'm glad they gave me this opportunity, and hopefully I can just give my team a chance to win tomorrow.

Q. Kyle, you were really strong down the stretch, but the last two starts of the regular season, what can you draw from those playoff-style-type games, especially in the pitching department?
KYLE HENDRICKS: I think not much as far as the atmosphere, just as far as how I was pitching and the pitches I was making, I felt a lot better in my last two starts, was finally getting the ball down with some angle. So I'm just trying to build off that, stay in that same zone, stay in my lane and just make good pitches tomorrow.

Q. Kyle, what's your general assessment of the Cardinals lineup?
KYLE HENDRICKS: I mean they're the best team in baseball, right? They have the most wins, really good lineup, experienced lineup. They put together an unbelievable plan. They know how to attack whatever pitcher they're facing that day, so when you're facing these guys, you've got to be thinking when you're on the mound. You gotta be in tune with the game, in tune with what they're trying to do, the at-bats they're putting together against you and make in-game adjustments. That's what it's all about.

Q. Obviously this is different than a regular-season game. How do you approach the next 24 hours for you and to get ready to do what you have to do tomorrow?
KYLE HENDRICKS: No differently. It is a postseason game, but I'm still going out to the mound, 60 feet-6 inches away, doing my same game. I've faced these guys a few times, so just gotta get my game plan together and do my same routine going into tomorrow.

THE MODERATOR: Kyle, thanks so much.

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