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June 5, 2003

Fuzzy Zoeller


JULIUS MASON: Fuzzy Zoeller, ladies and gentlemen, in at 1 under at the 64th Senior PGA Championship. He will love to speak about the birdies and the bogey on his card.

FUZZY ZOELLER: Birdies, all two of them, I can talk about them. Those are pretty easy to remember. I will be more than happy to start where you want me to. Just like it just happened like 15 minutes ago, so I haven't forgotten.

Q. General comments.

FUZZY ZOELLER: I was quite amazed by how well the course played. We had the wind this afternoon and the wet ground but it's amazing mother nature dumped on them the other day and the superintendent should be patted on the back. PGA used their heads on a couple of holes - No. 9 where they moved the tee up because the fairway was just under water down there. Still as we came through it was still under water. So I have got to say it's about time somebody used their head. Common sense, it was beautiful. Didn't help us, we still made par on the hole. First hole I hit from 141 yards, a nice 8-iron to about three feet. Basically made a good saving par at No. 8. I made one helluva par -- let me go back, hell of a par on No. 4, I drove it right just in the high rough, took a 9-iron, chipped it out, hit a wedge in to about a foot. Made two very good saving pars on the front 9; which is stuff you have to do. My worse score that I was going to make was a 5 or a bogey which would have been fine, but it kind of held me in there, which was good. Starting out, let's see where did I bogey, 13, 3-putted the 13th hole from about 50 feet. I didn't quite get the feel of the greens today. They were just a touch slower than what they were Tuesday. I kept leaving everything three and four feet short. That was from all the moisture that we had. I made a great saving par at 15. Drove it in the rough, chopped it out, and I made about a 15-footer there for a par. 18, I hit a 5-iron in to about ten feet right behind the hole. Basically that was my round; had a lot of putts for birdies. I did a lot of smart things, you know, get it into the center of the greens trying to get the uphill putts and the angles, but you noticed this golf course has stood, I mean, they had the advantage today, the players did, with it being soft. This morning especially with no wind and nobody took off and tried to hide, just 2-under par is leading. That says something about this golf course and the difficulty of the golf course.

Q. When you hit the tree and the ball landed in the sand trap do you think you may have caught a break rather than it landing in the rough?

FUZZY ZOELLER: Yeah, sand traps, I mean, we don't have the fear of God like amateurs do in the sand traps. Sand shots are very easy to play especially when it's firm like they are right now. That's a much easier shot than trying to chop it out of the rough so that was a break, yes.

Q. How happy are you with the start for you?

FUZZY ZOELLER: George, I am not happy. I am never happy. Have you ever seen me happy?

Q. No.

FUZZY ZOELLER: No, you know what was nice is that I did make a couple of great saving pars out there and that shows that my patience level is very high right now, so if I can come out tomorrow morning and put a 2 or 3 under par round on the board that would be great, that would be great going into the weekend.

Q. Will the scores be lower tomorrow? Tomorrow is supposed to be a day of good weather.

FUZZY ZOELLER: I don't know. If the weather is good, you know, from what I saw this morning it is supposed to be 78 with a 5, 10 mile an hour wind, that was about a 25 mile an hour breeze we were fighting on the front nine which is our back nine today only because of the clubs we were having to hit from the yardages, is kind of how you judge the wind when you are standing there from 145 yards and ripping a 6-iron about two feet off the ground to get it to the back pins, yeah, it was hollowing pretty good. If it blows like it did here, it is not going to make it any easier. I was amazed at Bruce Fleisher's round today, he's never seen the golf course today. He came out here and just shot a 1-over par and shouldn't have shot over par. He should have shot under par.

JULIUS MASON: Thanks for coming down.

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