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October 8, 2015

Ze Zhang


THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese.

Q. Wu Di said we are way behind from the top players. In your mind, in which aspect were you way behind from Novak?
ZE ZHANG: Today I did not play as good as my first round. Novak played his normal level.
Today on center court, the atmosphere gave me a lot of pressure. As for myself, I did not play 100%. I lost so many points. He dominated. So the gap between us is very big.

Q. You practiced with Rafa and Novak. Do you feel such a big difference on the competition courts compared with the practice courts?
ZE ZHANG: They can play very well on the competition courts. They can keep a high level of play during the whole year. We should learn from them in this aspect.
From this match, I can feel that we should take advantage of those important points.

Q. Novak won three major titles, and he's No.1. When competing with him, what is the biggest advantage of Novak?
ZE ZHANG: Actually, I watched his first match here. As for his level of play, his game, I think there's no loopholes or shortcomings. Actually, I prepared very well in order to play my game. But he won three major titles.
His performance is amazing. He is really good.

Q. When you play Novak, what is the biggest pressure?
ZE ZHANG: The baseline. On the baseline he didn't give me any chance. As for his first‑round match, his opponent made a lot of mistakes. Therefore, my coach wanted me to play a lot of rallies with hill on the baseline to find some opportunities.
But on the court, I could not find any opportunity from the baseline. His game disrupted my strategy, my tactics on court.

Q. Two years ago your ranking was 148. Right now you are in the top 200. What have you learned from the previous endeavor?
ZE ZHANG: As for that year, my level was not very good, including my health and my motivation. I thought about that year. I'm getting older and older. I hope that I can take the matches day by day.
Now we are at the end of the season. I hope that next week in Shanghai I can perform better, take the matches day by day, to cherish each opportunity on the court. Maybe I can win some matches in Shanghai and can make it into the top 200.

Q. In Shanghai you played Federer. This time you played Novak. You have so many opportunities to play with the top players. What do you think you should learn from them?
ZE ZHANG: As for the top players, they are very professional in terms of the preparation before the competition and their nutrition. We should learn from them. They can keep their top level because they take those important moments, focus on each detail, such as food, rest, practice and so on.

Q. I think we could control our emotions before the match. When you play those top players, when you team up with Federer to play the match, when you play them, what is your emotion before the match? Are you very nervous or very calm before the match?
ZE ZHANG: Yesterday I took a very good rest. Before the match today I was very excited. I was looking forward to this match with Novak because I don't have many opportunities to meet those top players. I want to take each opportunity to play with those top players.
I hope that I can perform better, to win more games, so that I can learn a lot from these meetings with them.

Q. Just now you mentioned the professional players are very focused on details. Two days ago Wu Di said, as for us, Chinese players, we're not as professional as those top‑level players. In your mind, what is the professionalism in tennis?
ZE ZHANG: As a tennis player, the requirement is demanding, especially for the top‑level players. They should not succumb to a lot of temptation. As for delicious foods, maybe you should not eat it for the sake of your health and fitness.
As for those top‑level players, they will not succumb to those temptations. I think this he do better than us in these aspects.
In some details, they are better than us. For example, they have very daily routines such as when to go to bed or some other specific areas.

Q. As for men's tennis players, they can play into their 30s. From Shenzhen to now, you have been taking you're quite old. Maybe right now you feel the pressure of your age.
ZE ZHANG: Yes. We can see Wang Chuhan, he played quite well. He's very enthusiastic about tennis. He is very fresh and energetic.
As for me, when I'm getting older and older, I had a lot of injuries. I was not as good as when I was young in terms of health and fitness.
I think I should cherish my tennis career and life. I should understand tennis better.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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