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April 9, 2004

Thomas Enqvist

Mats Wilander


THE MODERATOR: Questions from the floor.

Q. Thomas, you seemed to start out pretty strongly. Then he seemed to get into the match and closed the door a little bit. What happened?

THOMAS ENQVIST: Yeah, I think I played well in the first two sets. I had my chances. I think I put myself in the position to maybe win at least one of those sets. But maybe I did a little bit too many mistakes in the end of the sets, and he also played really well, I think. He gets a lot of balls back. He was also picking up his serve, first serve percentage I felt. In the end, he was just a little bit too good.

Q. Mats, how does this leave you? Obviously, Jonas had a good match; Thomas didn't come through as well. How are you looking at tomorrow and the rest of the tie?

CAPTAIN MATS WILANDER: Well, I think both countries should be happy with 1-1, the way the matches went. I think Thomas played - as he said - I think he played great in the beginning. He had some really good chances, should have had one-set-all, I think. I think the encouraging thing is that when you play against Andy, is you feel like you're the better player once the ball's in play. But he's tough to beat. He didn't make too many mistakes. He definitely doesn't make many mistakes when he can't make mistakes. That's why he's No. 2 in the world. Thomas, when he plays well, he has a chance to beat him. You can't ask for much more, except a win.

Q. Do you find yourself being surprised by how much stronger Andy's gotten off the ground in the middle of the longer rallies?

CAPTAIN MATS WILANDER: How much stronger he's gotten off the ground? Not really. Not really. I think he's decent off the ground. I think he's strong up here (indicating his head). I think that's why he's not missing. I'm not sure his strokes are that much better. I think his forehand is big. But I think he's just figured out what he has to do to win tennis matches. That will be the most important thing in tennis (smiling).

Q. Is it fair to say that winning tomorrow is pretty crucial for you?

CAPTAIN MATS WILANDER: Of course. For both teams, I think, the doubles match is always very important. I think Thomas showed that Andy Roddick can be beaten, at the same time that Andy showed he's hard to beat. I think Jonas played a pretty good match, I thought. Mardy came out playing really well. Yeah, doubles is important always. Every match is important.

Q. Thomas, did you injure your foot at the end? What happened at the end?

THOMAS ENQVIST: No, I had a sore foot for a while, but it doesn't feel -- I had no problems with it. I've been icing it after every practice.

Q. You appeared to come out limping at the end, that was it, the right foot?

THOMAS ENQVIST: No, I was not limping, no. Maybe I just moved bad, (laughter). Thanks a lot for that, though (laughter).

Q. How difficult, Thomas, was it to just wait around all day in the rain?

THOMAS ENQVIST: We're pretty used to that. Rain delays is something we're used to, so it was not that difficult. It's actually very enjoyable also to look at your friends playing Davis Cup. You're kind of into their games, too, also. I was (inaudible) with Jonas in the locker room, so it was no problem.

Q. Mats, during the one-hour-and-45-minute delay, which was the final rain delay, what did you tell Jonas to do when he came back on court? What was your advice?

CAPTAIN MATS WILANDER: We were watching Arnold Palmer's last hole, that's what we were doing (smiling). Not much. I mean, you can say really -- you can say a lot, but, really, if you try to say a lot, you're actually not saying anything. You can come out on court with one tactic, and after two points you realize that tactic isn't working. That's exactly kind of what happened with Jonas and Mardy at the beginning. I think Jonas needed to play his own game. We kind of thought that maybe he should try and hit some slices and whatever, but we couldn't figure out when to do it, because Mardy played so well. So not much. Just keep fresh, keep loose, and draw from what you've done well and forget what you haven't done well. You know, figure out what you have to do to play better and to win points.

End of FastScriptsâ?¦.

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