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October 8, 2015

Louis Oosthuizen

Branden Grace

Songdo IBD, Incheon City, Korea

Q. As you guys were making your way around the golf course and saw the red flags up on the score boards, what were you thinking?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: We spoke about it last night. We knew the US was going to start really strong and we need to start better. I said to him, you know, we've got to get -- we're the second match, so let's get something going and maybe we can pull the guys along. We played nicely. But you know, the US was a bit stronger today.

Q. You're not just country mates but also good friends. How much does that help in a situation like this?
BRANDEN GRACE: Big time. We're quite close back home and we play a lot of golf together. It makes it easier when you get to play foursomes like this, we know each other's game almost inside out, and it's been good. We had a good game today, we clicked, and any time one made a mistake, the other one picked it up. That's the main key for today.

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: Once we got 1-up, I told him we need to put a foot down. They are going to come back. We need to get some birdies in there, and unfortunately Kuch made a mistake on 11 ask went in the water and we went 2-up. We hit some good shots coming in.

Like Branden said, whenever one of us hit a bad shot, the other hit a good one, so we were pulling each other along.

Q. How critical was it for your team to get a point knowing what the Americans were doing from front of you and behind you, as well?
BRANDEN GRACE: It was big time important for us. We said last night, the Americans always come out strong and always push up from the start. Really important for one or two teams to get points on the board. We played well, we pulled on each other and it's a big positive. I know we're behind but one point up the board, better than anything.

LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN: We feel good but we need a few more points, probably going to walk with Jason now, Jason and bowditch to see if they can get one more for us. We need to come out tomorrow and really be on our game.

Q. The Americans are very strong always, so what's your strategy for this year's Presidents Cup?
BRANDEN GRACE: Both teams are strong. They have just performed better the last couple of years. We have a great team here and a lot of guys are on form. So today was just a bad day. Like Louis said, if you can get one more point, then it's a really big push on for tomorrow and hopefully tomorrow we can come out blazing.

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