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October 7, 2015

Lauren Greenlief

Choudrant, Louisiana

Q. Tight one in the morning, and then I don't think you mishit a single shot here in this one. What happened?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I just hit the ball unbelievably well this afternoon. I mean, this morning was a tight match. I hit some shots that I wasn't really happy with.

But when I'm playing golf I'm really perceptive about what's going on, so I learned some stuff this morning about the pins and played some shots a little differently this afternoon, and I think it really paid off.

Q. I can't imagine there have been a lot of 8 and 6s in the semifinals of a national championship before. How many of those have you had in match play?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: Not very many. A couple in the early rounds of our state am, nothing in kind of a prestigious tournament like this.

Q. I had you at 32 going out. It seemed like more you playing well than her really playing poorly. I saw couple holes halved with birdie, which you don't see a lot on a course like this.
LAUREN GREENLIEF: Yeah. I mean, she hit the ball solid. I tried to take advantage kind of when she got in trouble to make sure I got those pars in.

I just hit the ball solidly all the way around and made some putts, which helped.

Q. Has to hit you yet that you're playing for a national championship tomorrow? Had time to process that?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I'm really excited about it. Been thinking about it kind of all afternoon. Just wanted to go out and play my best and try and get to the finals.

Really excited about kind of the exemptions that you get into some other tournaments as well, which for someone that works that's huge, to not have to play qualifiers.

Q. Yeah. Once you built a nice little lead, did you try to block that out and stop getting you ahead of yourself out there?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I just try to take it one shot at time. This course really helps you do that because you have to focus on all your approach shots and put them in the right kind of spots on the green.

Try to take it one shot at a time, one hole at a time.

Q. What are your thoughts? Do you know much about your opponent tomorrow? Defending champ or quarterfinalist twice, who's a veteran of these things.
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I'm sure they're both great players and have had great records in match play. I'm just going to go out and try and hit the ball as best as I can and try and drain some putts.

Q. Where does this rank among the best rounds of golf you've played your life?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: It's definitely up there. Everything kind of went right. I hit the ball exactly where I wanted to. It kind of came easy to me today.

There aren't many rounds where that happens.

Q. Today a continuation of the momentum you were talking about last night?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I think so, definitely. And I know grinding it out this morning I hit some kind of squirrely shots I haven't hit this so far this tournament. To be able to kind of grind through it and pull out the 1-up win kind of game me a lot of momentum going in here this afternoon.

Q. Was a win like that good for new some sense? I know you would like to 8-6 all of them, but to get you ready for tomorrow which going to be a definite grind.
LAUREN GREENLIEF: Yeah, I think it's good to have match play rounds where you have to grind and you kind of feel the nerves over some of those putts and kind of get to feel that moment.

So I think it's good prep for tomorrow.

Q. You played on two Virginia teams that finished fourth in the NCAAs. You're akin to pressure situations.

Q. Are you able to draw off that in any sense?
LAUREN GREENLIEF: I think so. I try and channel it into hitting good shots. I had a lot of experience in match play in final matches in Virginia tournaments to try to draw on that experience tomorrow.

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