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October 7, 2015

Marc Dull

Vero Beach, Florida

Q. Talk about that shot.
MARC DULL: That shot there? First of all, I can't believe it ended up back there. I hit 3-wood off the tee. I had one little spot -- I got lucky and got a good lie. My only goal was just to make sure I flew this cart path and landed on the flat, just needed a good bounce. I mean, there was a lot of luck involved. I landed it right where I wanted to, I just got the right bounce. I was just hoping to get it on the green and get a putt. I would have never expected to have flown it.

Q. (Inaudible.)
MARC DULL: I could probably stand there all day to get it inside of that for sure. I had one like that earlier for sure on this hole, as well. Sometimes you've just got it going, you know.

Q. What club did you hit?
MARC DULL: I hit a 50-degree wedge.

Q. What are your thoughts on getting into the final here?
MARC DULL: It's going to be a marathon, 36 holes. Like I said, I still cannot believe -- my mind is blown, but I like the all-day thing. Even if you get off to a slow start you've got time to catch up. And for 36 holes, in the end the best guy will win, so it's going to be fun tomorrow. I can't wait.

Q. You won three holes in a row there to get the lead. Tell us what was going through your thought process when that happened.
MARC DULL: He hit a bad shot on 9, lost ball, gave me the hole, and then he got unlucky again on 10 and got it up against the lip, and I was telling Rich, I was like, all right, let's just not give him any room. Let's not get complacent and hit a crooked shot or whatever and make bogey. Let's make him get it up-and-down, so I was just trying to -- because at the end you never know, anything can happen. Guys can make birdies, guys can get hot, so you need to win them when you can. It happened to me in my match yesterday afternoon. I hit some good shots and got behind, and it just helped me focus today. I knew I could not waste any shots.

Q. You're one step away, but talk about the possibility of being able to play in next week's --
MARC DULL: That's a crazy idea to me. This might be the other chance I ever get to get in the Masters, who knows. So I'm certainly going to be here and try to give it everything I have to take advantage of that opportunity. Like I say, who knows when you're going to get another chance, if ever. It would be -- it's the holy grail of golf, right? It's like a golfer on Christmas Day, going to Augusta. If it comes, it would be a dream come true, for sure. I wouldn't even know how to describe it.

Q. So you haven't played a USGA championship since the '09 Amateur, correct?
MARC DULL: That's correct.

Q. Did you turn pro at all?
MARC DULL: I did. I turned pro sometime in 2010. I only played a few events. I didn't really have much money and kind of just -- my game wasn't very good then, so I wasn't wasting the money, and I was like, you know what, let me just get my amateur status back so I could play some competitive stuff because if you're not playing professional events there's nothing to play in. You can't play in your local stuff, you can't play in your member-guest, any of that kind of stuff, so I got it back like late 2012, I believe.

Q. Not too many guys have had multiple generation USGA winners in their family. Talk about what that means to you.
MARC DULL: You know, I talked to people about him all the time because to me that's impressive. Like to one win is unbelievable. To win two USGA events is incredible, and like I said, I got the opportunity to really get to know him. He died when I was 18. He lived across the street from me. I used to idolize him as a golfer just because everybody used to tell me, yes, you're good, but you never got to see your great-grandfather play, you're never going to be that good. If I can win this thing, then maybe I can inch a little bit closer to him. That would be really cool.

Q. Did you learn any one thing from him that still helps you today?
MARC DULL: The only thing he just told me was just to work on my short game, and as a kid that was my favorite thing. I'm not a range rat. I do not like to hit range balls at all, but I can chip and putt for hours. That's what he always used to tell me, just work on your short game, just work on your short game, and it'll take you a long ways.

Q. So you didn't play at all with him, you would just talk golf?
MARC DULL: I never got to play golf with him. I mean, when I was 10, he was 90 already, but he was in really good health, he just didn't play golf anymore. His wife died when he was 90 and he quit playing golf cold turkey, so I never got to play golf with him, but we used to talk golf a lot, watch golf. He lived by himself so I'd go keep him company after school or whatever.

Q. As a caddie at Streamsong, how much do you really play?
MARC DULL: I probably play golf -- I probably play two rounds a week, something like that. I probably hit balls once a month, but I play probably two rounds of golf a week. But it helps being a caddie because I get to see golf all day. I get to read putts all day, which really helps, and I get to talk strategy all day, which has really helped my game. I used to be a lot more aggressive and take too many risks, but caddying and telling people chip out, do this, do that, has really helped my mentality more than it has my actual physical game because I'm a lot more patient than I used to be.

Q. And you and Rich had conversation the entire time, right?
MARC DULL: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. I mean, we're best friends, so that helps. So I mean, even when he's not caddying for me, we're playing golf together. He's trying to beat up on me, I'm trying to beat up on him, so we know each other's game really well. We like to keep it loose and we like to have fun, and I feel like if I don't, then the nerves start creeping in like they did earlier in the week. And I just can't let that happen. Just play golf. It's just another day. Obviously I was good enough to get here, so the game has got to be there, so we've just got to keep going.

Q. Do you think there's going to be a lot of caddies rooting for you tomorrow?
MARC DULL: I'm getting 100 text messages a day. I'm sure they'll have it up on the screen or whatever. I'm sure they'll all be watching. Some might show up. Like I said, it's only an hour and 45-minute drive from work, so some might show. We'll see.

Q. How tall are you?
MARC DULL: I'm almost 6'7". I'm like 6'6½".

Q. What's the weight?
MARC DULL: I'm right at 200 pounds, 202, something like that.

Q. What's been the best part of your game this week?
MARC DULL: Probably the best part of my game, I'd say the tee ball.

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