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October 7, 2015

Brad Wilder

Vero Beach, Florida

Q. Back and forth all the way, and then the difference came on 17.
BRAD WILDER: God, the difference came earlier than that, I think. I mean, he -- the putt he made on 14 was huge. I mean, I think it's always so hard to make the putt after somebody else makes it, and I made a curler that I thought I missed and barely snuck in, and he stepped up and poured it right in. You always expect someone to do it, but for him to pull it off was pretty special. And then he made the putt on 15, and then I kind of thought to myself, I was like, all right, he did it, it's my turn to do it, and I made a six-footer on 15 to tie that hole. Those were huge.

And then I always kind of thought -- you always expect your opponent to maybe struggle a little bit, especially later in the week, and he stepped up and hit a great iron shot at 16 and I hit the best 4-iron I've hit all week at 16-under pressure, which was great, and then made a great two-putt and hit a great pitch shot on 17. That was pretty awesome. It's a lot easier when he's over the green, obviously, knowing that he's probably not going to make 5.

Q. What was your distance coming in on the third shot?
BRAD WILDER: My third shot?

Q. Yeah.
BRAD WILDER: I didn't shoot it. It was probably about 35, 40 yards, something like that. I had 195 in, and kind of got a bad break. I kind of misjudged the wind. The wind was going more left, and I hit it hard, and I should have aimed further right off the tee, but you don't want to blow it right when you know he's going to have to lay up.

Q. You talked about playing Mike McQuade. Does that kind of give you some adrenaline, playing a competitor this tough again, same type of situation?
BRAD WILDER: Yeah, everything in the paper was about him, not a word about me, and I was like, come on, this guy is -- what tried to motivate me was I was thinking that he hasn't played this much golf in such a long, long time that he would have to be tired and stiff today, and he played great, but he struggled with his driver today admittedly. I'm sure he'd say that. And I just thought -- I even thought if I can get to 17, I'm going to have a big advantage if I can drive it hard and straight on 17, and that was the difference.

Q. Did you talk to Bill Williamson at all about being in this position at all?
BRAD WILDER: I talked to him last night, and he had great advice. Here's what he said. He said, the way he'd approach today was that each match was for an exemption. He looked at it and said, would you rather beat 70 guys at a qualifier or would you rather beat one guy. So I'm looking at it as I have two matches today for a qualifier, and I'll worry about Augusta tomorrow. That's my attitude. So I've got a match this afternoon --

Q. At 12:30 you have a match against Mr. Smith.
BRAD WILDER: What time is it now?

Q. It's quarter to 12:00. Can you make that do you think?
BRAD WILDER: Am I entitled to more time?

Q. I can ask them if you'd like to have more time.
BRAD WILDER: I'd like to have the maximum time allowable, whatever that is. If it's 12:30, it's 12:30. But if I'm entitled to an hour, I'd like to have an hour.

Q. Was your game good today, though?
BRAD WILDER: Yeah, I hit a few loose shots early, but overall, I think from looking back, I think -- did I make a bogey on the back nine? I don't think I did.

Q. I don't think you did.
BRAD WILDER: So the back nine, from -- I screwed up 8 again. I swear to God, 8 -- I don't know what I was, 3- or 4-under from 9 on, something like that, which is pretty solid out here in the wind.

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