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October 7, 2015

Marc Dull

Vero Beach, Florida

Q. Pretty solid out there.
MARC DULL: Yeah, today was finally -- I put a good round of golf together. I haven't played my best golf this week, I've just kind of survived, and today I really struck it well and played a very solid round of golf. He was tough, only made one bogey all day until the very end right there. It was back and forth and back and forth. Pars just weren't good enough today.

Q. Tell us about the birdie at 10 that put you 2-up.
MARC DULL: The birdie at 10, yeah. Hit a good tee shot, got a good bounce over the bunker and I hit a wedge to like three and a half, four feet, and that was kind of the turning point. 2-up is so much different than 1-up. You know you've got to lose two in a row to get even back to even, so that's a huge deal. If you can get to 2, you get a little breathing room. I wouldn't say you've got cushion, but you feel like you've got a little bit of breathing room, so that was definitely huge.

Q. You kind of gave one up at 11, and then --
MARC DULL: The biggest one was 12, no question. After losing 11, I'll be honest, I didn't hit it at that pin intentionally. I shoved it a little. But I knew I had the perfect club so I was just going to go for it and get somewhere close. I maybe shoved it 10 feet and it worked out perfect.

Q. What was your club and distance?
MARC DULL: I had 191, and I hit 7 iron.

Q. That had people buzzing.
MARC DULL: Did it? Yeah, it was definitely the shot of the tournament for me. That was huge, no question.

Q. I might argue the chip on 15 was pretty good.
MARC DULL: Oh, my gosh. You might be right. That might have been a harder shot. I almost putted it because I was on such a severe down slope. I didn't think I'd even get it in the air, and it just came off absolutely perfect, and it just took one soft bounce. You could probably sit there and hit a bucket of balls and never do that again.

Q. Which club did you use?
MARC DULL: It was a 60-degree wedge.

Q. This is quite an endurance test. Would you argue you might have some edge because you're out there looping?
MARC DULL: For sure. We talked about that before the tournament started that carrying bags and walking 18 and 36 holes every day, I mean, the sun beating, Florida sun, we're used to it. Definitely it's an advantage, especially the later you get, especially the afternoon rounds. People start to fade a little bit, so no question it's somewhat of an advantage for sure.

Q. What's it mean to get to the semifinals in your home state?
MARC DULL: You know, to be honest with you, this was more than I even expected. I was happy to get here, happy to make match play, so now I'm just kind of playing free and whatever happens happens. I'm just one step closer. I would have never expected to -- if you would have told me I would have been here, I'd have been ecstatic. We're just trying to go one hole at a time now.

Q. Do you get nervous with this stuff?
MARC DULL: The only time I got nervous all week was the first match.

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