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October 6, 2015

Cheryl Reeve


Indiana Fever - 71
Minnesota Lynx - 77

COACH REEVE: Another great game between the Fever and the Lynx. I think we learned some things and showed some grit, obviously. Indiana was going for it. They're kind of the knockout, trying to get that second win on the road. I appreciated our resilience.
Saw some things that we can do better, no doubt, especially in crunch time. We'd like to get some shots and not turn the darn thing over and help us get separation. They're terrific in executing, I mean, just terrific.

Q. It took Maya 13 minutes to get a basket and the five points at halftime. How much of a concern was that and how much did you need to do to get her going?
COACH REEVE: It was a big concern. She was just awful early, just awful. Shot selection, the way she was playing. It was a case where I think our team was so amped up to play, Maya being probably the one that was the most amped up, and she just had to settle down, settle down. It wasn't for lack of wanting to do the right thing, but it was just not good.
So I thought she was going to let the game come to her. I thought Syl opened things up for us. Frankly I thought when our defense turned it up a notch, we were able to play with some flow and get some easy shots. Maya was flying around, getting some transition baskets and she just really got going from there.

Q. Mentioned in game one how second chance points hurt you. Tonight you had the 21‑point edge in that category. What was the difference?
COACH REEVE: Difference from game one to game 2? Maybe Catchings being in a little bit of foul trouble. I think for us, it's what we do. You know, we recognize some of these matches on the glass. Indiana does some switching. We recognized those situations. We saw she was hungry. We were hungry too. It was the battle.

Q. The lift that Montgomery gave you defensively in the second half with 14 turnovers, how great was that?
COACH REEVE: It changed everything. I thought Renee in particular. I thought Renee in particular gave us a little more versatility in what we were doing. She spreads the floor well, takes a little pressure off Cruz.
We were small a little bit during that time. But I think our ball pressure and our dictating a little more action gave us a chance to be successful with that group.

Q. Your counterpart was complaining about the officials saying this was a blood bath was her phrase and she was upset that she felt that Catchings was being called for things that your team wasn't. Any response to that?
COACH REEVE: I cannot comment on officiating. How was that, Renee? That was good, Renee, wasn't it? Did you hear that? That's the first time in my life I think I did that.

Q. Did you sort of sense that Sylvia was even more aggressive and powerful from the tip?
COACH REEVE: For sure, for sure. I think she was disappointed. She was big for us in game one, but I think she was disappointed in the turnovers and getting the ball knocked out of her hands a little bit. She wanted to do better in those areas. She was impressive. Got to look at some of the foul situations because we obviously can't have her in foul trouble. Things we can do better, but she's a handful.
When she's able to kind of get on the move down there. You've got to make a decision who you're going to guard in the pick‑and‑roll. We had the floor spaced pretty well with that group when she was able to get some easy ones. And you know, then she'd get on the glass a little bit. Sylvia Fowles is the difference for us in terms of being able to put pressure on the inside.

Q. Were you surprised to see Catchings in the fourth quarter as early as you did?
COACH REEVE: I didn't really pay attention. I don't try to think for them or strategize for them. She was out there. I guess, it didn't cross my mind.

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