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October 6, 2015

Ian Poulter

Woburn, England

STEVE TODD: Normally we would welcome you, but as tournament host, I think you would probably like to do that yourself. It doesn't take too much so see how much you've put into this event. A 15-year-old, you're here in '91 watching Seve play, you're second here in 2002. How proud are you to have the tournament here this year?

IAN POULTER: Very, very proud. I think obviously the discussions over the last two years to try and get the tournament home, speaking with the Tour and obviously finally to be here in the week after lots of work in the summer behind the scenes and now all of a sudden it's come to fruition.

The course is looking incredible. There are 95-plus greenkeepers working hard this week to have the course in perfect condition. Very proud, very, very proud, and obviously to have your name on the board and your face up there with the other great guys, it's been great.

STEVE TODD: I know you've obviously put a lot of hard work in promoting the event, but your game, as well, I know you've been working particularly hard. How important is it for to you do well this week?

IAN POULTER: It's very important. I can remember that Sunday playing against Justin like it was yesterday, and I can remember every shot. I can remember that max on 14, the long par 3, back left pin location, probably not expecting to make birdie and hit the front of the bunker, I remember holing that and obviously Justin rolling his 15-footer in on top of me.

So that was kind of how that day panned out. It was birdie after birdie, 15 birdies between us and now I get that chance again to play on a golf course we know very well.

STEVE TODD: We all know about your passion on the golf course, and you've spoken passionately about the importance of engaging a new audience in golf in this tournament. Just talk a little about getting a new audience involved.

IAN POULTER: It's all about bringing new kids into the game of golf. It's making it more fun and exciting. You mentioned in '91 being here, I remember that. I remember watching Seve and I remember him winning that week, and I was only 15 years old.

To know that we have got under 16-year-olds that can come here for free to watch guys play golf is great. That's what we need to do. We need to grow the game of golf and make it fun for players to come back to the game of golf. The numbers have declined over the years, and it's important for the players to give back a little bit more, and so hopefully we can see a lot of those guys are here this week.

Q. You obviously touched on it, but the memories of 2002, Justin being your housemate for the week. Can you just talk about that, and did you think 14 years on, you would be sat here hosting that same format?
IAN POULTER: I probably didn't think I would be hosting the tournament, no. That's something you didn't think about. Obviously there's a lot gone on behind the scenes from all parties to get the tournament on.

But when I drove through the gates yesterday morning, to feel what it really means, it's special. To bring this tournament back with the help of SKY Sports and The European Tour, it means a lot.

Q. Did you approach the Tour or how --
IAN POULTER: George O'Grady mentioned it to me, I can't remember the date, but it was quite some time ago. It might be 18 months ago, that the idea was coming back. And obviously it had been away for some time and we would like to get it back up and going.

The names on the trophy are all of the great players that I've followed through the years. You know, you can name one after another after another. It's good that we've got a good field and we can put another great name on that trophy.

Q. Any reservations -- how do you compartmentalise things to play well and host, as well?
IAN POULTER: It's going to take a bit of time -- I tried to do as much as I possibly could in the summer, because I was aware that this week was going to be demanding.

So I tried to reiterate a number of times that I would like to get as much stuff done early so I can do my job this week. And my job this week is obviously to win the golf tournament, and that's how I can be most effective this week. So we've done a lot of work in July so that I can have more time off this week and really focus on playing golf.

Obviously there are a number of things that I'll have to do during the week anyway.

Q. How far away are you from here and how often would you play here?
IAN POULTER: If I drove slowly, probably 13 minutes, maybe ten if I was driving quick. It's not far. I've come up a lot and practice, and I used to practice on the range that we're at right now for the tournament.

How many rounds I've played, I can't remember. It's a lot, so I do know the golf course very well. But yeah, I would be up here all time. I've been part of Woburn now 15, 16 years. Been a long time. So I've spent a lot of time up here with the junior section helping the Juniors. And I love the place.

It's home away from home, even though I don't get to spend as much time here as much anymore, I really enjoy coming back up here. The members are great. There's a big membership. The facilities have changed over the last couple years, obviously the extension to the clubhouse has been a great addition, very, very impressive.

So again, from a member's club, that's an impressive addition. We're always looking to improve and that's what the guys have done here at Woburn, did a great job.

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