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October 4, 2015

Saisai Zheng


THE MODERATOR: Questions in Chinese, please.

Q. Before you came here, you were at a very good level, in a very good form. Today you didn't perform very well. Can you assess the match today. Another question is, from your personal perspective, to reach the level of previous Chinese players, what kind of improvements do you need?
SAISAI ZHENG: I felt like in today's match my opponent did very well throughout the whole match. She was brave and she was better than me in a lot of key points.
A lot of my returns were too short, too light. In the first set, I was a bit tight. I was conservative. In the middle of the second set I was getting into a rhythm. At the time it was already 4‑2, and my opponent was playing really well.
In general, the second set, for me, I was a bit tight.

Q. (No microphone.)
SAISAI ZHENG: In all aspects, the difference between me and the previous players is huge. I've been in tournaments, but a lot of times it was the first time for me. I'm meeting a lot of great opponents. I lost in the first round or second round. I still need to accumulate more experiences in big matches. I have to go step by step.

Q. This is your fourth time in the China Open. A lot of people were rooting for you. Did that affect you at all? Any distraction or pressure?
SAISAI ZHENG: I'm really grateful for a lot of people who were there supporting me. Of course they want a better result from me.
At the very beginning, I felt the pressure. I was a bit nervous. After I got into the match, I wasn't distracted at all.

Q. It was a disappointing result from today. I've reviewed several matches of yours, the US Open, previous tournaments. Looking back at those important matches, if you could go back again, what was the thing that you could have done better? Could you do an assessment of the performances of this year.
SAISAI ZHENG: I think definitely the US Open, I had a bigger chance. I lost matches. But the things I could improve, in some key moments I still lack the experience. After the US Open I have reviewed and taken positives.
The results of the previous matches were not satisfying, but I can see my improvements.
I didn't really perform well in the Wuhan Open. I felt the emotional instability. I was blaming myself for making so many mistakes. I wasn't focusing on the match and lost the second set very quickly.
The improvements of today is after losing the first set, I was focusing on the second set, winning point by point. Even though I lost today, I felt this change. I felt the improvement compared to last week.

Q. Could you tell us about your team, what kind of changes you have noticed.
SAISAI ZHENG: I'm training in Guangzhou. Alan is the coach of my team. He manages a team of coaches. The one who is in charge of me is from Italy.
The advantages is that everyone has different opinions, different feedback regarding my technique and tactics. The more you get from them, the more improvement you can see.
After receiving so much support and help, I've seen some development in terms of my ranking. This is actually a record‑high ranking for me. I am improving day by day with my team.

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