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October 4, 2015

Sylvia Fowles

Maya Moore


Indiana Fever - 75
Minnesota Lynx - 69

Q. Maya, was this kind of the Game 1 series opener you expected in terms of toughness and defense? What do you think kind of proved to be the deciding factor in the end?
MAYA MOORE: Just little things that we let slip away. Indiana is going to be very persistent at trying to get inside, being aggressive on their defensive side. Uncharacteristic amount of missed free throws on our end, second chance points, something we've been pretty focused and locked in on, that we're definitely going to have to clean up next game if we want to beat a really good team hungry for a win.

Q. This is for both of you. Let's talk about the last‑minute inbound play at the very end. What happened there?
MAYA MOORE: The last‑minute inbound play‑‑

Q. Eight seconds left towards ‑‑
MAYA MOORE: Oh, that inbound? Yeah, just was changing my cut and didn't work out. They're a team that gets their hands in a lot of passing lanes, and they try to really be aggressive towards the ball. So those are things all in our control that we can be cleaner and tighter on, all of us.

Q. Indiana forced 14 turnovers against you guys, 11 between the two of you. How stingy were the Fever against you today?
MAYA MOORE: That's who they are. It's nothing new. They're very aggressive. They get their hands in the passing lanes. They try to cause chaos. That's their bread and butter. It's what they're known for. It's something that we know mentally going into a series. And now that we've got a game under our belt, hopefully, we'll be better having experienced it so fresh.

Q. You came out at halftime, and you had the first two buckets. Are there times that Cheryl is just adamant, like we're getting a touch and you go attack, or how are you ingratiating yourself in the game plan?
SYLVIA FOWLES: Just coming out and doing what I'm capable of and locking in and doing my best. My teammates did a really good job at keeping me focused and keeping me grounded. That's why I came out the way I did in the second half.

Q. Not a lot of production for Lindsay, Seimone, and Rebekkah. Is that something you guys would expect to change as the series moves forward?
MAYA MOORE: Whatever the situation calls for, we want to step up. Not everything that's contributed to our team is on a stat sheet. That's something that we know, and we always try to make sure that whatever it is is bringing energy, being an emotional leader, communicating, doing all those little things that will turn into stats that you can see. So whenever it's someone's turn to step up and make a play, that's all we care about.
But I know those three players are definitely going to be fired up even more so next game to be even better, just like we are.

Q. How does a game like this‑‑ this is to either of you. How does a game like this increase your focus for the rest of the series?
SYLVIA FOWLES: I think we were focused going into this game, more so just taking the next 40 minutes and run with it. We can't rewind this game back. We can just go back and look at the things we didn't do so well and push forward for the next game on Tuesday.

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