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October 4, 2015

Chris Stroud

Carnoustie-Kingsbarns, Scotland

Q. What are your thoughts on what is presumably an incredible week?
CHRIS STROUD: I can't imagine anything better than this. My goal score this year was 20-under par. I shot 16 first time here, pretty amazing. I would take that score on any tournament. At the original place of golf, right here in the Home of Golf, this is pretty special. I had an incredible time. I can't believe how lucky we got with the weather and to birdie the last hole like that, it's just -- it's awesome. I just had a great week.

Q. Were you absolutely conscious of what that would mean to birdie the last, as well?
CHRIS STROUD: I knew it would be important obviously, to the guys behind me, they can still birdie the last hole, too. But I knew it was important. Basically my caddie and I just kept it simple this week, like, hey, we are not going to look at the scoreboard or do anything. Just keep our head down and make as many birdies as we can. I putted well this week and that had a lot to do with it.

Q. You must be proud of yourself: You come to a new place, three courses you've seen on TV and you've shot so well, you've played so well.
CHRIS STROUD: I don't know about if I'm proud of myself but definitely am very excited that I was able to, after coming off such a weak year on the PGA TOUR -- this is my 10th year on the PGA TOUR next year. To have such a scrappy year all year long and come over here, basically a rookie playing against the best European Tour players at an incredible event, to play this well against these guys, it's pretty special. I'm very happy in that regard. Like I said I'm just grateful to have a chance to be here.

Q. What is your experience of links golf?
CHRIS STROUD: I'm a big fan. This Old Course is special. I've heard it all my life and to be able to play it under the gun, and to see the difficulty, the pot bunkers you get in, you're dead. You hit some great shots into the green, you get rewarded, you get some good birdie putts. But you get a little off line, you could go 40 yards off the green and have an impossible 2-putt.

I'm at a loss of many words but this is incredible.

Q. You've told the story across the course of the week, forgive me, but tell me how you ended up to be here. That's a story in itself.
CHRIS STROUD: The tournament director is good friends with Jim Crane, who is a friend of mine, who owns the Astros in Houston. Jim has been coming to this event for 12 years and been playing here forever, he said, if you get a chance, try to bring more PGA TOUR players. Well, he brought Scott Piercy and I this year. We got to fly over here with Jim Crane on the big old Citation 10 and fly private.

We're living the life, and I wish I could afford a private jet all the time like that, but you know, they took good care of us, went to dinner every night. Had some incredible wines and just live the life. The three most beautiful golf courses, Kingsbarns, I mean, Carnoustie, here, it's as good as it gets and I'm just so happy to have played so well, and the weather being so good at the Home of Golf.

Q. And you'll be looking at your diary and booking this for next year?
CHRIS STROUD: Absolutely, if my schedule permits, I'll be here, no doubt.

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