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October 3, 2015

Martina Hingis

Sania Mirza


MARTINA HINGIS: Sometimes people are coming in the locker room and congratulating us. Again, again? We like it. Sometimes you can lose a match here and there and all of a sudden people start believing. We don't want that to happen. So that's why you kind of have to continue. You wake up a day, Okay, another match. That's what happens.
Maybe I didn't play like super. Yesterday was a great match. You have a team that maybe is not as experienced in Niculescu and Begu. But they got to the finals, so they're playing well this week. Maybe not next week. But you need to get up and beat them and do your job.

Q. When you look at the field and the types of teams you've had to play, what are the dangerous or bigger threats to you, teams that you never played before or the regular well‑established teams?
SANIA MIRZA: I think it's really disrespectful to other people to say this team is better than the other. I mean, you have Niculescu and Begu playing a final, when the other team should have probably won that match on paper. That's why tennis is such a great sport. You have to take every team at merit and you have to take every match at merit.
Sure, on paper, Safarova and Mattek‑Sands or Vesnina and Makarova are probably the best teams.
MARTINA HINGIS: But they beat Srebotnik...
SANIA MIRZA: You can't be disrespectful and say this is the team to beat. We have to give our best every match. That's why we're winning in straight sets. If we slack a little bit, you end up in a super tiebreak and it's a tossup. Every team is as good as the other and every match is as important as the other.
MARTINA HINGIS: You see already next week who we have in the first round, you don't want to look again, because there is Errani and Pennetta who we played in semifinals of Grand Slams, great singles players but also play doubles.
Yeah, every week is a new week and you have to start from zero.

Q. Martina, last year you were here and you were the defending champion. Do you know that you're very popular in Wuhan? I would like to know in the Wuhan Open, apart from the tournament itself, do you want more communications or activities in Wuhan?
MARTINA HINGIS: The Yellow Crane Tower, that was one of my activities that I did besides playing tennis here. It was really nice. So compared to her, I was like, Oh, there is Li Na. Martina, c'mon, hurry up, to follow her. That was a nice change‑up.
I wanted to go there last year already. We didn't quite make it. We were a little late on schedule to go there. Now she showed me around the mountain as well and we were able to go on the fifth floor. The view is amazing.
It's a beautiful city. Only looking from the hotel room already, you have the Yangtze River. The countryside seems beautiful.
But obviously we're busy playing tennis and our schedule, we're always kind of late, the matches, even two in a day. We were busy with that.
But, I mean, from what I get to see, it's very nice. The new stadium is beautiful. Last year we were playing in the old, like center court. The new one, they were building. I think it's one of the top tournaments of the year, definitely.

Q. It's the end of the season. Some players start to plan vacation after Singapore. Where will you go to spend your holidays after Singapore?
SANIA MIRZA: In my bed (laughter). In my room, in my bed. Yeah, it's been a long year. So right now, honestly me, I don't know my vacation yet. I think I have a lot of sponsor stuff to do in November because I play the IPTL at the end of the year in December.
Not right now, but maybe for a few days somewhere. But I don't disclose it because I don't want a lot of people there.
MARTINA HINGIS: I haven't thought that far yet. I mean, it will be nice to go ski somewhere in December. But, I mean, I know I always say that, and I end up not doing it. Hopefully it's just nice to be home when you travel like 40 weeks a year, right?

Q. What do you think about the age difference when you peak on your careers?
MARTINA HINGIS: But we played each other in 2006, 2007.
MARTINA HINGIS: When I peaked, you were only 11.
SANIA MIRZA: Yeah, I feel young for a change (laughter).
Well, she peaked when she was, like, 12. I mean, she was like 15 when she was winning. A lot of people were still very young, including herself. The age is not as big as it looks because she turned pro very early in her life.
Yeah, I'm a few years younger, but we still had some great match against each other in singles when she came back in her second career.
MARTINA HINGIS: Back then, it's like, You're so old.
SANIA MIRZA: So it's not really that much of a difference.

Q. I would like to know the chemistry between you. It seems that you're winning all the time since you paired together.
SANIA MIRZA: Yeah, well, I mean, we get along off the court. We get along on the court. We complement each other's games. I think that's really it.
Yeah, we have good chemistry. We're good friends. I think on the court it shows as well. We trust each other on the court in tough moments. We come through a lot of tough moments.
Even today, I think the second set, it was pretty close at 4‑3, they were back on serve, deuce point. In that moment we trust each other, come up with some big shots, try to make them play one extra ball. I think that's the chemistry from off the court.
That's really it. That's how we try and get through matches, try and get through tournaments.

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