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October 3, 2015

Bradley Dredge

Carnoustie-Kingsbarns, Scotland

Q. Your round starts at the 10th hole, level par through eight holes and other people are going low. Was it a day for patience?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Definitely, I think starting on that back nine, there are some opportunities there, but overall, I think the back nine is known as the tougher line, and again, through 17, level par, it's not the best score in the world but it was okay.

Also had a lot of chances from 18 on on the front nine and I understood that. Just tried to stay patient and hit some good shots.

Q. How well do you feel you're swinging the club?
BRADLEY DREDGE: Good, but it's a bit in and out still. You want to be in total control of it but doesn't happen very often, as you know. Overall, feel as if I'm swinging the club quite well, so it can always be better. But I'm obviously doing a few things right at the moment.

Q. Players are telling us over the first three rounds here that it's a much more relaxed atmosphere than a regular tournament. Does that change now that we are at the business end of the tournament tomorrow?
BRADLEY DREDGE: I try to keep sort of an even keel whether I'm playing with the amateur guys or whether I'm playing with the fellow pros. Whether it's a knock with the guys at home playing for ten pound or playing here, I want to play well, and I like taking money off other guys. I try and keep an even keel.

Q. You have five shots to make up on Thorbj√ɬłrn tomorrow, your thoughts on that task and how you go about it?
BRADLEY DREDGE: I haven't seen the forecast for tomorrow, hopefully or assuming it will be roughly the same. I think they will tend to put the pin positions slightly tougher tomorrow, but as long as you know what pins you can go at and what pins you can play away from, just shoot at as many as I can and try to shoot as many under par as I can.

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