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October 2, 2015

Roberta Vinci


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Are you satisfied with the result? It's the same as the US Open, the hard court, the opponent from the Williams family. However, the result is totally different. Are you satisfied with that?
ROBERTA VINCI: Yeah, of course I play an incredible tournament here. So of course today I lost, but I'm happy that I made the semifinal here.

Q. In the third set Venus seemed to be inflicted with injuries. Do you think that is something you should have taken advantage of?
ROBERTA VINCI: No. On my mind, I always say, Don't think about her, but think about my game, play aggressive. I was tired at the end.
No, about her injury, I didn't think about the injury of Venus, no.

Q. You came back really well in the third set, served for the match. Have you any regrets on this 6‑5 game?
ROBERTA VINCI: Yeah, the match point, because I miss one backhand. Probably the one backhand in all the match was on the match point.
Yeah, but was I think incredible match. 5‑2 down, I was completely tired, but stayed focused. 6‑5 for me, match point, a lot of chance. At the end when you are 6‑All in the third, is happen everything.
I'm of course really sad because I lost. But if I think all the tournament, is okay. I played incredible, won four matches here, semifinal, 7‑6 in the third against Venus.
Anyway, I'm happy, yeah.

Q. You seemed pretty angry at the time she was taking between points at the end. Do you want to comment on that?
ROBERTA VINCI: Well, of course I was nervous. After 2 hours and 30 minutes... For me maybe she was a little bit late. The chair umpire say nothing. That's why I was. But it's okay. I was nervous.

Q. You called your coach out quite a few times. What was it that he was telling you?
ROBERTA VINCI: He told me to be more aggressive because Venus, she was playing so good. Especially on her second serve to put more pressure, to go to the net when I had time.
But I was tired, so wasn't easy. But, no, nothing special. Just to push, to go to the net, don't rally because I was tired and also she moves good. To play two or three shots, that's it.

Q. In the first set she raced out to a 3‑Love lead, then you seemed to be able to make some adjustments to turn it around. Talk through what changed in the first set.
ROBERTA VINCI: Well, in the first set, yeah, 3‑Love for her. Maybe two ace per game. But I say, Okay, it's okay, she's starting like Petra. She's playing good. Maybe if I stay close, maybe she's going down, you know.
Then I change the first set 7‑5. But at the second set she play much better than the first. But I think she serves better than me today. My first serve was bad today. No points on my serve. Was difficult because always in my second serve, she was always in the court, a lot of pressure, so...

Q. Were you surprised by how much she was coming to the net early on?
ROBERTA VINCI: No, no. I no surprise. I know she always come to the net when she has time.

Q. Do you enjoy that? You passed her quite a few times.
ROBERTA VINCI: No, I don't like.

Q. You'd rather baseline?
ROBERTA VINCI: Yeah. I don't like. Well, I passed not so bad. But I knew that when she has time to come to the net, especially on my backhand...

Q. What do you take away from this week? What is the lesson that you've learned?
ROBERTA VINCI: Good tournament, good fight, enjoy this week here. Now I'm going to Beijing and try my best always also there and we will see.

Q. In talking with your coach, since you only practiced a couple days before you got here, do you feel you need to practice anymore?
ROBERTA VINCI: No, tomorrow I don't practice for sure. I take one day off.
No, about my practicing, in Italy, no.

Q. From your eyes, what is the difference between the sisters?
ROBERTA VINCI: No, they are both great player. Good serve, good pressure. No, they are both incredible player.

Q. Did you feel a little bit regretful that there is no Grand Slam left this year because you feel so good right now?
ROBERTA VINCI: I hope. I hope, of course. But we will see.

Q. Did you feel the fire of revenge during this match?
ROBERTA VINCI: You can ask to her maybe later, okay, then you send me the answer (smiling).

Q. What is your first impression about the Wuhan Open?
ROBERTA VINCI: Was a nice tournament. I came also last year. Is good tournament. Everything is perfect here. I'm for sure come back next year.

Q. And playing in the new stadium?
ROBERTA VINCI: It's an incredible stadium. The new stadium is an amazing court. I really enjoyed to play some matches there, a lot of crowd. Perfect.
Thank you. See you next year.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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