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October 2, 2015

Marc Warren

Carnoustie-Kingsbarns, Scotland

Q. Marc Warren, how did you rate today's round?
MARC WARREN: Not too bad. Got off to a really good start. Started par, birdie, eagle and kind of a bit of a flyer there, and poor finish to the back nine, which was my front nine, a couple bogeys. Anything in the 60s today, I'm pleased with.

Q. Did that take a wee bit of the gloss off, dropping a couple of strokes?
MARC WARREN: It does I think. I find it the toughest golf course scoring-wise for me anyway. I see guys shooting, 5-, 6-, 7-, 8-under par every year and I don't seem to do that around here at all. Like I say, anything in the 60s I'm delighted with and keeps me moving forward and looking forward to St. Andrews at the weekend.

Q. The leader, only on 11-under, so it's really, really close?
MARC WARREN: Yeah, exactly. Leaders not too far away, still 36 holes to go, obviously a lot of birdie opportunities, if the weather stays like this at St. Andrews, a golf course I feel really comfortable in. Looking forward to that. Feel as if my game is in good enough shape. Putting nicely, and I like the greens at St. Andrews, as well. Yeah, looking forward to the weekend.

Q. Ready to pounce, if you like. What do you need to do over the next two rounds?
MARC WARREN: I would say two mid 60s, at least, to give myself a chance. But like I said, my game's good enough to do that. Put myself in decent position over Carnoustie yesterday and Kingsbarns today, which is the most important thing going into the weekend. Yeah, I would say two mid 60s rounds, I'd be pretty pleased with no matter what happens.

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