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October 2, 2015

Nick Dougherty

Carnoustie-Kingsbarns, Scotland

Q. Your round got off to an amazing start, 7-under par through 12 holes and you finished five, describe your emotions?
NICK DOUGHERTY: I'm disappointed. Pleased how I played for the majority of it, but 7-under after 12, I should have been pushing onto get close to double figures today the way I was playing.

I horseshoed out for birdie on 14 from 12-foot and it went like four feet away, shouldn't have done, really. If I had not hit the edge, it wouldn't have done. Missed it coming back.

Hit an iffy shot on to the par 3 on the next and before you know it, dropped two shots when it looked like getting to 8-under possibly for those two holes. And then to bogey the last, changed my mind in the wind. Rookie mistake, the sort of thing that you do when you're not playing a lot of golf. Just an awful mistake to make, mental error. I have to excuse myself because I'm not getting to play a lot of tournament golf and all in all got to be quite pleased with that.

Q. How big is the feel-good factor coming back to a championship you've won in the past?
NICK DOUGHERTY: It's lovely coming back because I know I've played well. Sometimes the way I felt like I've played over the last few years, it's hard to remember how I played and how I managed to actually win this during 2007. It feels great.

It's weird being here on the back of last week; I was with you out in Atlanta, so it's a slightly different feel. I feel under prepared in that sense but my game feels great and I'm playing nicely. The whole thing for me is coming to a tournament and being able to use all the great stuff that I'm using in practise.

I'm swinging it better than I ever have done but I turn up and it all feels a bit unusual to me because I haven't been a proper tour player in quite a few years now.

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