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September 30, 2015

Roberta Vinci


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. We all know from the US Open you always have a good plan. Do you have some secrets to keep at a high level?
ROBERTA VINCI: No, no secret. Just practice, working hard, but no secret. Yeah, nothing special.

Q. What did you do to celebrate your first Grand Slam runner‑up after the US Open?
ROBERTA VINCI: Nothing. Really nothing. The day of the final, no, I went just to the restaurant with my team. I was so tired, so nothing special.
Then I come back home. I stay five days or six days. But I had so much things to do, no time to celebrate.
At the end of the season I will do a party or something.

Q. Girls relationship are always complicated, especially the friendship. You Italian player girls are always a group. How did you make it?
ROBERTA VINCI: Well, we know each other for a long time. We play a lot of Fed Cup together. We spend a lot of time together outside the court. We go to have dinner together.
So I think this is the key of our group.

Q. On today's match, how did you feel the match went? How do you feel Petra was? She seemed quite tired.
ROBERTA VINCI: It was tough. She started to play so good. Well, I play a little bit better, a little bit aggressive. Also she missed some balls. I tried to play much better. I won the first set.
I was a little bit tired. But, you know, when you play with great players, the important thing is to stay, especially when I was tired. But Petra is Petra. She won last year here.
The court was for me slow and also the ball heavy. Was difficult for me to push a lot. But, of course, I'm really happy, looking for tomorrow.
Of course, I'm a little bit tired. A lot of matches. But it's okay.

Q. With that win over Serena, now beating Petra, it seems like you have right now a pretty good ability to take down the big hitters, the most aggressive players. What is the secret there? What is the game plan you take with you when you play these players?
ROBERTA VINCI: No secrets. Of course, when you beat Serena, you are in a high, no? So, of course, when you go on the court, you have more confident in yourself. So probably that's the key that I won also today. Maybe three months ago, 4‑0 first set, it will be 6‑2, 6‑2. But now I'm a good player, especially for the head.
But no secrets. You know, of course, when you won a lot, is good. Your confident is more high.

Q. Do you feel like that confidence helped you through the fatigue?
ROBERTA VINCI: Yes, of course, of course. Is tough to play at this level so many matches. But if you have more confident in some points, you can take more energy from the head, not from the body.
My English is better? I improve also my English (smiling).

Q. This section of the season, with Asia, potentially Singapore and Zhuhai down the road...
ROBERTA VINCI: Possible, but I don't want to think about Singapore. But it's okay.

Q. But is it easier for you to approach this portion of the season this year after what happened in New York or is it more difficult?
ROBERTA VINCI: Well, you know, I don't know because for me is something new. But after the final, I come back home and I was completely tired. I practiced just two days and come here. With my coach, we spoke a lot about now it's important to continue. Is tough, is hard, but now you have to do a good hard work. Okay, you make a final, but now is tough to win again also with the players with a low ranking.
But the important thing that I spoke with my coach is to fight a lot. Also tennis, if you don't play good tennis, just fight. In the first two matches I fight a lot, and also today.
So tough, but I'm still in the tournament, so now it's okay.

Q. Can you give us an example of what it was like back home in Italy when you came home.
ROBERTA VINCI: It's impossible to explain. When I come back at home in the airport, so many journalists and also so many calls, interview. It's incredible. For the Italian people, for me, for Flavia, is a dream.
It's tough to explain, but a lot of things, a lot of good words. It's nice. It's good.

Q. Your interview after the US Open semifinal, some social media say it's a funny interview. So I wonder, what is your character off the court?
ROBERTA VINCI: Nice character (laughter).
I don't know. I'm myself. I don't know. When I'm in the court, I don't care. I don't know. I can't explain my character. You have to do. What do you think about me? How can you explain my character?

Q. I think you are funny people.
ROBERTA VINCI: Good, I'm funny people (laughter).

Q. Such a breakthrough after the US Open, Flavia had such a long vacation. You come to Asia to play a lot of matches. How did you celebrate it? Have dinner with your family? How did you celebrate such a win?
ROBERTA VINCI: Not yet, no.

Q. After the US Open, Flavia said that she was tired at the end of the season. Have you ever thought the same thing after you accomplished such a great success and fame? Retiring, have you thought about that?
ROBERTA VINCI: Almost, yeah. I'm not young. Not this year, but we will see.

Q. You play tennis for such a long time. How do you keep your motivation on the court?
ROBERTA VINCI: Is tough. Tennis is my passion, my life. So I think this is the important thing.
I want to always improve my ranking, my game. So that's it. That's why I'm still in the tour.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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