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September 30, 2015

Oliver Wilson

Carnoustie-Kingsbarns, Scotland

Q. Thoughts on defending this championship?
OLIVER WILSON: To come back here with come good memories, first time I've done it, so to come back, I wasn't really -- I was excited to come back but you're not quite sure how you're going to feel when you walk in. It's been great. Coming in, played a few holes yesterday, so played the last few -- memories come back from what happened last year.

Obviously a lot of good memories. Just hanging around, and with weather like this, as well, it's been heaven on earth the last couple of days. It's been good. It's been nice. Very positive atmosphere so far.

Q. Have you been looking forward to it and just counting down the days?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I've been looking forward to it. I think it's important that I remember that it's just another tournament in the sense of performance. Obviously a lot of good memories, so I can feed off of that.

But I've got to start the week from scratch like I would any other week, and yeah, go play. Just because I played well last year doesn't mean to say that I'm going to do it again this year. With that, prepare the same, but try and feed off the experience that I have and the confidence that I have around here and hopefully at least get myself into that position again this year.

Q. Presumably there is already that leg up because you've got that positive memories from last time, so you know just how to play around these three courses?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I know the courses very well, and we've been coming here a long time and the pin positions are generally very similar. Yeah, I know what to do when I'm out there. It's just that I just need to do it. I need to perform. I need to act upon everything that I'm trying to do and like I say, hopefully I'll be there at the end of the week and in contention again and trying to do the same thing.

Q. If we think back 12 months, pretty sure you were positive coming in then, even though the form had not been brilliant; you just knew how to play these courses and you just got it going right from the offset.
OLIVER WILSON: Last year was very different to this year. I had not got a whole lot of confidence on the course coming into the week but I had a lot of confidence in my preparation and my practise. I had made quite a few swing changes and I was really starting to feel some momentum building with that.

Now a year down the line, my swing has improved a lot. I'm a much better golfer than I was a year ago. My form and my results have not been how I want, but it's really not far away. It's just a combination of a few different things, but I'm getting on top of it and it feels very close again.

So I'm hoping that this week with it being three courses that I know there's a little bit of leeway off the tees and if you know how to get it around these courses, you can do well. I feel like I just need a bit of momentum, a few holed putts now and then, and that I can really feed off of that and perform well again.

Q. It does beg the question of how you think about the last year, that you really did hope it was going to kick-start things and it's been pretty quiet?
OLIVER WILSON: Yeah, I had a pretty realistic expectations after last year. It would be nice to think after winning the Dunhill that I just go back and keep on winning or getting in contention. I knew that wasn't going to be the case. These three courses are very different to what we play any other week. They are links golf and very different.

I gave myself sort of six months after that to continue working on my swing and getting it in the position that I want to be able to then come straight out and perform and it's taken a little bit longer. In hindsight, I should probably not have played quite as many tournaments and spent a little bit more time working on it, because I got into some really bad habits on the course over the last few years. And it's taken a while to try and break them down and I'm getting there.

And like I say, it's taken a little longer than I wanted to but I'm very close to being able to stop working on my swing. I'm certainly not working on any positions anymore on any swing. It's just sort of linking the flow of it and trying to become more back to how I have always been, which is much more natural, contrary to what some people might think. I'm trying to get back to that and it's starting to come but it's taking time.

It's kind of relearning a little bit how to play with the new game. It's been frustrating but the end is in sight and I'm in a fortunate position that I can hopefully start next year from a clean slate with everything ready to go and perform. But there's still time this year to make a good charge for the end of the season and get some real momentum going into next year.

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