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September 29, 2015

Simona Halep


THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. We notice in the beginning there were ups and downs, some breakpoints, but you made adjustments very quickly. Is it because you feel uncomfortable in the new stadium or are there any other reasons?
SIMONA HALEP: Is not because of the stadium. Is because it's first match of the tournament, so always it's difficult to start the tournament. But I think I played solid. I played well tonight. I did my game. I was dominating the match from the beginning till the end.
So I'm happy with my result today and I'm happy with the way how I played. She's a good player. I know her. I played few times. Always was a tough match. But today was easier for me because I was more focused, more concentrated, and I just did what I have to do against her.

Q. Last year in Wuhan, the performance was not very good. After today's match, we saw a lot of strong players left the Wuhan Open. Will that mean you will be more motivated to expect the title?
SIMONA HALEP: I'm not thinking about other players here, if they win or they lose. I'm thinking just of myself. I have just to do my game on court every match. Every match is tough. I expect tough opponents.
I'm not thinking about title. I just want to take match by match and to see how far I can go this tournament. Tomorrow I have a tough opponent. She's playing well. She has confidence. I have to be focused to try to win. Of course I want to win. But still I have to work hard for it.

Q. Do you use this section of the season at all to just practice certain things that you want to improve in your game, seeing as how you already qualified for Singapore, or are you just out here trying to win tournaments and matches?
SIMONA HALEP: Always when I go to the tournaments, I really want to try to win matches, to try to win the title. I know it's not easy when you go to the tough tournaments because these are the big tournaments and everyone is playing well.
Of course, I'm more relaxed now because I'm qualified to Singapore. It's end of year, so it's not easy to stay motivated. But I'm okay. Last week I tried just to improve more in my game, to be more aggressive, to go to the net very often.
This week I spoke with Darren and we decided that I have to do again my game. I'm 100% concentrated for this tournament and I just want to win matches if I can and to do my game like I did in USA.

Q. Some of the best players, the elite players, over the course of the last five, ten years, they've always been able to continue to improve their games, like Li Na or Serena, Maria, they've changed their games a lot. When you look at your game, what do you see as something you want to add, how you see your game evolving?
SIMONA HALEP: I'm sure I have many things to improve in my game. Now actually I am pretty solid I think. I'm confident in my game. I want to improve more when I go into the court, and you come back, offensive and defensive, yeah, something like this. There I can improve more. The game of the net I have to improve. Of course, serve, but I improved a little bit already.
So I'm working hard every day. Every day I want to improve in my game because I know I have many things still to learn.

Q. How hard is it at this point in the season to not think about holidays?
SIMONA HALEP: It's very tough (smiling). Every day I'm thinking about the holiday. But I have to stay concentrated. I have three more tournaments. So is not a big deal. After Singapore I will take a long holiday. I need.

Q. Are you more of a beach holiday or mountains?
SIMONA HALEP: Now I need to be cold somewhere, to go somewhere where is cold. All year I stay where the sun is shining so is not easy. So I go to the mountains.

Q. What do you expect in the next match against Konta? Is she a tough player to get around because of the serve or the way she's playing?
SIMONA HALEP: I think I never played against her. Will be first time. So always first time is difficult. I expect a tough match. Like I said, she's strong, she's pretty solid.
I don't know really how she's playing because I didn't watch her. I heard she has a good serve, strong serve, so I have to be focused for the return, and to keep my serve. That's really important.
I have just to do my game and try to win.

Q. When you said you used last week to practice to improve your net game, is it easy to start doing something new at this stage of the season?
SIMONA HALEP: It's not easy because it's almost end of the year so your mind is not 100% concentrated. It's good also because you are more relaxed. You are not thinking about the results. You can do some new things during the official matches.

Q. I watched a lot of games on the center court. Today's match, I felt you had a lot of strategy and you played solid. It seemed perfect to me. I would like to know are you satisfied with your condition now and do you feel you will have the title in the end?
SIMONA HALEP: I am very confident with my game now. Tonight was a great match. Yeah, I had a good strategy. I made her run a lot. I didn't play very strong, I played softer a little bit. I opened the court more, more angles.
I'm not thinking about the title. It's too far. It's just the third round tomorrow, so I have to take match by match and to see if I can win it. Of course, I wish to win it, but I know that it is not easy.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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