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September 27, 2015

Saisai Zheng


THE MODERATOR: Questions in Mandarin.

Q. In Ghangzou and this time in Wuhan, you lose both of the games. Is there any reason for this?
SAISAI ZHENG: Well, for today's game, from the beginning till the end, I was a little bit nervous. I didn't play at my full potential. I feel that I'm not relaxed. I feel a mental burden.

Q. So after Li Na's retirement and soon Zheng Jie and Peng Shuai will be retired. Why do we not have any further strong players? As a good player, what is the reason, in your opinion?
SAISAI ZHENG: Well, I think we need time. Maybe not so fast.

Q. Just now you mentioned that today the not‑so‑good performance is because of the mental pressure. Why do you have such a pressure? Is it because you are here in Wuhan? Where does the pressure come from?
SAISAI ZHENG: Well, actually this is the Asian season. I feel good, in very good condition.
For the preparation for this tournament, I feel it was very good. We made a good plan of how to play the games. I hope that I can play well for each point.
We had a plan. However, when I was on the court today, I think that I didn't have a good strategy. I only followed my opponent. I was not very patient during the game. So not a very good performance.
Maybe it is because I had high expectations for the tournament. And this time I didn't actually see the match very well. I didn't perform well.

Q. I have heard talk about you and Errani in Ghangzou. They say you were being too aggressive, and it was not a good strategy. Why?
SAISAI ZHENG: Well, my method or strategy is to be patient and find my chances. Recently I was in very good condition. I need to strengthen some of the factors. But I feel I was no longer myself in this game. It's like using my weaknesses to compete against other people's advantages, so the result was not very good today.

Q. In the tennis field, it's very important for the cooperation between the coach and the player. If the coach cannot help the player anymore, there's no new strategy, maybe the players need to think about changing coaches. Maybe Chinese people tend to favor the familiar things and don't want to change. I want to know your cooperation between you and your coach. Do you still want to cooperate with him in the future? Are there any changes in the works?
SAISAI ZHENG: Well, I think recently I improved a lot. I have a very good cooperation with my coach. So during the game I think it is my own problem, like my mental status or my physical conditioning.
So I think the coaches are very supportive. They want us to win the game. I think maybe, especially in some top‑level games, I need to be more relaxed. That is to say, I should not have so much pressure in one game but be relaxed throughout the tournament.

Q. We can see in the advertisement of the Wuhan Open, you're in a very important position. Is there any pressure because of this?
SAISAI ZHENG: Well, yes, actually. I hoped that I could do well in this match. However, we cannot control each game and we cannot control the result. So I think it would be better for me to learn from each match, whether I win or lose, and I will be better prepared for the next game.

Q. Actually we can see that before Ghangzou, you were in good condition. But now your performance is not as good as before. Is it very difficult to maintain your form?
SAISAI ZHENG: I think, yes, the performance is not very good. My physical capability is not as strong as my opponent in Ghangzou. However, this time it's very different. I had a few days to recover. I think I'm very physically capable to play this match.
I think the reason that I lost is because of the mental status, the pressure.

Q. We've discussed the issue for a long time, the top female player in China, Li Na, had this pressure before. So as with Peng Shuai and Zheng Jie. Now you're the top female player in China. What are your thoughts on this?
SAISAI ZHENG: Actually I take it as encouragement. People will say that you're ranked around 66, but you're regarded as the top female player in China.
Actually, we tried our best in each game, and we are improving. So I think that all I can do is to show my best in each of the matches to get myself prepared, try hard in each training.
I think there are still many people who support me.

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