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September 27, 2015

Denny Hamlin


THE MODERATOR: We are now joined by our second‑place finisher Denny Hamlin, driver of the No.11 FedEx Freight Toyota. Can you talk a little bit about your race, please?
DENNY HAMLIN: We had a pretty good race, really. I thought we had a top‑5 car pretty much most of the day. At best I thought we were a second‑place car, at worst a fifth. We had everything kind of work out well there for us at the end. We came in, took tires and fuel with 60‑something to go, so we were good on fuel and we had good tires, and it really allowed us to be aggressive and get through the pack pretty quick and put some pressure on the 4 to try to make him run as hard as possible because we knew he was close.
Overall a good day for the company, good day for us, and we'll look forward to Dover.

Q. Win last week, second today; what's the secret to success?
DENNY HAMLIN: You know, we just have really been on a roll here lately, just getting good finishes and just everything is kind of clicking really well. You know, I wish we could get more race wins. That's the greedy part about it. But either way, very proud of‑‑ this is all because of the work that Toyota and JGR puts into our race cars every week. Very proud to be driving for them.

Q. Can you talk a little bit about the last run of the race there? You kind of were with Matt there for a bit, then you fell back. Did a tire go down or something happen to the car?
DENNY HAMLIN: Yeah, we had something going on with the right front. I'm not sure what it was and we'll try to diagnose it. But it was something major, and so I had to back off and try to make sure I finished the race. Yeah, it was the most important thing.

Q. You touched on the work that JGR has been doing. You guys just seem to be a snowball rolling downhill right now. How do you guys as a team keep that going, and what do you think the odds are of getting two, three, maybe four of you fighting for the championship in Homestead?
DENNY HAMLIN: Well, to sustain it is the hardest part, and I think that we've just got to keep working to make our cars better. Really, I don't feel like we were dominant today by any means. Yeah, our cars finished one‑two, but I'm not sure that we had one‑two cars most of the day. So I think we've been very fortunate with some strategies and things that we've played that's worked out in our favor. You know, you've got to just keep working. That's the only way you can stay on top is to not rest.
THE MODERATOR: Denny, good luck at Dover. Thanks for the time.

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