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September 27, 2015

Henrik Stenson

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. The putt you just made, a million dollars, second in FedExCup, talk a little bit about your round today, but ultimately, finishing second and this excellent play you had in the playoffs.
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it's been a good playoffs. Of course I started off with two seconds and, yeah, I came here wishing for a little bit better than what I left with.

But I mean today ball striking was much, much better today. So I'm very pleased with the way I hit the ball today compared to the previous two days, which wasn't very good.

So that was certainly a step in the right direction, but didn't really feel like I had that little bit of extra momentum or got some good breaks, didn't really make any putts, even though I thought I hit quite a few good ones.

Couple of wedge shots that looked good and just didn't find the right yardage on them.

So, yeah, scoring-wise I didn't quite get going today and Jordan was putting unbelievably well. And whenever he had to make a putt, he did it. So, very well-deserving champion. He's hard to beat on the greens, we know that. And, yeah, just couldn't keep pace with him today.

Q. Was 8 kind of where you thought it got away from you?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, I mean, yeah, it was -- that was definitely where I picked up a few shots on him on 5 and 6 and then couldn't get up-and-down out of the bunker. He birdied that one.

Then he made another great birdie putt on 9 when I hit it stiff.

Then we both kind of got tricked on that putt on 10. I think the grain kind of threw it away.

And then I hit it very close on 11 and he makes it from 60 feet or whatever for birdie.

Then 12, we got put on the clock, had a great -- hit a great wedge in there and I thought it was going to be stiff and I hit the top of the bunker, it comes back and then you got no shot. And that's really when it kind of finished, I felt like. Up until then, it was still kind of match play.

But to hit a good wedge that you're looking for a birdie chance and you got a pretty much a dumb bogey straight away on 12. That was really a killer.

Then I was trying, but didn't really get anything going on the last couple of holes. Then on 17, I'm kind of in between clubs and we decided to go for a chippy 8, and I feel like I got so much club in my hand and I quit on it and hit a block shank into the crowds and that left me in an awful position.

So, if there's one shot I want to have over this week, I would have gone back and gave it a bash with a 9 because that one didn't work out. But that -- and then made a bomb on the last, so it was pretty bizarre the last two holes, to be honest.

Q. To see what Jordan has done this season, five wins, two Majors, made 22 million dollars on the golf course. How would you describe him as a player and where he is right now?
HENRIK STENSON: It's been a phenomenal year for him. I watched it first hand at the two first rounds at Augusta, and he played phenomenal and putted phenomenal. And it was the same putting display, really, today -- was just an exhibition on the greens, to be honest.

Yesterday, he holed some great ones coming in as well. So his putting and mental focus is the best in the world or -- yeah, it's hard to argue that.

So, no, very tidy player and every time he's in trouble he saves himself. When he gets the chance, he rolls it in for birdie so he's hard to beat, no question.

Q. At one point did you think about changing your game plan on the back nine to be more aggressive?
HENRIK STENSON: Well, I was trying to be aggressive with my shots into the pins, and it just wasn't my day.

I hit great shot into 12. I had a bit of a wind switch and we were on the clock, so we couldn't really wait it out. And still thought I hit it plenty and just came up a few yards short and that cost me one or two straight away.

And then hit another good shot into 14 and just flew the green by a yard.

And hit a good one on 16. I thought that was going to have a chance to come up close and that trickled down into the edge of the bunker. So, yeah, it just wasn't happening for me really on those ones. I needed to make something between 12 and 16 to put more pressure on him.

Then, standing in between clubs on 17, I hit a block shank. That's not really going to put pressure on anyone, more than myself. So that didn't work out.

But luckily made a good putt on the last and that gives a little bit of a consolation, I guess.

Q. When were you put on the clock?
HENRIK STENSON: On the 12th tee box.

Q. How many holes behind were you?
HENRIK STENSON: 12, 13, and then I didn't see him on 14.

Q. What did you say to Jordan when he made the putt on 11. It looked like you had a little exchange?
HENRIK STENSON: I just said great putt. I mean, yeah, with him you can't say -- you can't expect him to make it. He's 60 feet away and I'm like four feet away, so you're feeling like you got a good chance to make up some ground. But he just poured that one in the middle. So, no, it's fun to watch and just say well done. It's just tip your hat and the best player this week won the tournament, won the FedExCup.

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