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September 25, 2015

Justin Rose

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Low round of the day so far. Talk about what went well out there.
JUSTIN ROSE: Obviously, whether you come in just 2-under par, it's always surprising that that's the low round of the day. Those are sort of Major Championship conditions normally.

That's what makes this a great golf course. It's never overly long, you do have a lot of wedges in your hands, but yet it's hard to sort of make a number around here. We do see the odd guy go low and I think that's because the greens are so perfect that if you catch a hot streak and you start to make a lot of putts.

But you really need to do everything well to score around here. You can't really fake it too much from the rough. Yeah, I guess today was a little tougher than usual being a little sort of wetter.

And I think the course did play a touch longer today. A couple of long par-4's on the back nine played pretty strong.

So happy -- after being 3-over yesterday, I guess I'm happy to be a couple under and back in the tournament. And I feel like there's a run for me on the weekend. I feel like I've been playing well and I haven't quite had that hot run yet.

Q. Can you expand a little bit about what all of this did make -- how much tougher did it make it?
JUSTIN ROSE: It wasn't noticeably more difficult. It was kind of like a mosquito buzzing around your ear. Sort of that annoying sort of rain. It wasn't too much of a factor, it was just there.

So, I would say maybe the ball wasn't flying quite as far as it was yesterday afternoon and therefore, some of the holes were just playing that much longer.

I think there were some tougher pins today too. A few were tucked over traps. Especially on the tougher holes, there seemed to be tougher pins and maybe that led to a couple more unforced errors for the guys.

Q. Were you comfortable with the ball playing down today?
JUSTIN ROSE: Yeah, these Zoysia fairways, the ball sits up so much more from the surface of the water than it does on a bent fairway.

I think if we would have had bent fairways or even tight Bermuda fairways here we would have played the ball up, but the fairways are like carpets here and ball sets up and I think that made a big difference.

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