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September 24, 2015

Blake Adams

Columbus, Ohio

(Recording in progress.)

BLAKE ADAMS: I like this venue. It's been a good fit for me overall.

Q. Was it Brookside Lakes? Where did you play at the qualifier?
BLAKE ADAMS: I played Sauda (ph) and then here. It was in 2012.

Q. Okay. You are what, 40? Just turned 40?
BLAKE ADAMS: Just turned the young age of 40.

Q. Do you feel about 70? Can't be too many guys with artificial hips.
BLAKE ADAMS: Well, I did feel 75, and then I had my artificial hip put in. I've had two surgeries the last two years, so I feel like I'm about 32, 33 now. I actually gained a few years, which is pretty good.

I'm still old and don't hit it as far as I used to, but that's just part of it.

Q. Champions Tour? You could qualify now body-wise.
BLAKE ADAMS: I asked some of my friends that are out there, Kenny Perry, if I was eligible. You know, I mean, he has age but I got fake parts, so I feel like I should get some sort of a waiver. I mean, that's not a bad idea.

No, it's just something that I've always played hurt. I was told in 2007 I needed a total hip replacement, and I kind of battled through it. Always played hurt. My back has been garbage this whole year. Had a bad back the entire year.

Just what I do. You know, so just wake up and deal with it and grind away.

Q. No thoughts at calling it quits because of all the aches and pains?
BLAKE ADAMS: No. I mean, golf is golf. Next year will be my 16th year an a pro, so I've had a nice run. I haven't done the things quite like I would've hoped for, but at the end of the day I've played a game for a living. I have an awesome wife at home and two healthy kids.

I've always told folks that when my career is over, if I walk away or I get pushed out, however it is, it's not like I'm going to jail. I mean, I'm going home to an awesome family and awesome life.

So I've had a great run. It's been 16 years. I hope it'll be many, many more, but I'm not too worried about it. Very, very blessed, and it is what it is.

Q. You're from on eye-blink town in Georgia.
BLAKE ADAMS: It's a huge town: 130 people; no red lights. We try keep it that way. If there are more than me and one other person at a stop sign, there is something major going on.

But I grew up in a town of about 4000 5000, so pretty big city. All in all, I love where I live. I've got a great family life. Really, really laid back, and hunt and fish when I'm at home. Just do my thing.

Q. Do I have this right, that you maybe used to practice on a dirt road? Flesh this out for me.
BLAKE ADAMS: When we first moved back to this town where my wife grew up I had a dirt road that I hit balls down. That was when I was the a Nationwide Web Tour. I had crops on the and pine trees on the left, so you had to hit it pretty straight.

Now in 2009, 2010, we built a house in those pine trees over to the left and I now have a big practice area there. So a little bit nicer. But, yeah, I'm back to my roots hitting down dirt roads still.

Q. Again, tough course. Probably hope the wind picks up a little bit this afternoon to make it easier for you score-wise.
BLAKE ADAMS: I don't ever wish anything harder for anybody else. It's a hard golf if the wind blows or not. It's really, really tough golf course. If the wind just stays equal, so be it. If it goes down for those guys, that's just what it's supposed to do.

No biggie either way.

Q. Are guys amazed that you can golf with an artificial -- I mean, you're talking Jack Nicklaus type situation.
BLAKE ADAMS: The first surgery was the worst one. They actually cleaned up five things. I had an insanely torn labrum and bone spurs and no cartilage. I came back from my first surgery too early. I had gotten into probably about the third-to-last-group at Pebble and 14.

I looked at my wife on Sunday and I said, You know, heck with the golf club. I don't know if I can physically walk 18 holes today.

Same sort of thing happened at L.A. the next week. So ended up not playing until July and then having the total hip replacement. Came back from it too early, and I've been fighting a bad back.

It's just something that -- you know, my hip feels awesome. Feels like I'm moving my arm. Feel absolutely nothing.

My back isn't too happy with me. I guess it just kind of did nothing for seven years and now it's having to actually work because my hip is working, so it's not happy. But we'll get it fixed in the off-season. Just more workouts and things like that.

It is what it is. I'm not one that complains about anything. It's a hand I've always been dealt; just wake up and deal with it.

Q. You've done well. If you do well here the next two weeks you're back on TOUR.
BLAKE ADAMS: Absolutely, right, right. It's the same thing. I have some medical starts left still, so I have a little bit of an edge on some guys. It's not the end of all end.

But at the end of the day, like I said, if things don't work out I'm not going to jail. I'm going home. I can farm; I can actually help out the Georgia Southern golf team. Life is way too short to worry about a little white golf ball.

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