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September 24, 2015

Henrik Stenson

Atlanta, Georgia

Q. Yesterday you were saying that you didn't see any low scores, this course yielding any low scores, and then you go out and shoot one. So how do you explain that?
HENRIK STENSON: Just wanted to make you blink. That was the whole purpose of the day.

Q. You succeeded.
HENRIK STENSON: So when I hit the turn 6-under, I thought there was no point keeping it at 64, because you said no one is blinking on a 64 these days. So I tried to make a few more and I did.

Unfortunately, dropped one coming in. But that's not going to spoil the positive vibes and great round I played. So very pleased with the start. That's what I was looking for and I got it. And I played very solid out there and I felt good on the greens. Hit a lot of good putts. One down, three to go.

Q. You played here once before, won it, won the FedExCup. Something about this course that just seems to suit you?
HENRIK STENSON: Yeah, it suits me with a lot of kind of mid-iron shots, long to mid-iron shots into the greens.

There's some holes with wedges as well, but it's definitely ball striking golf course. And when I'm hitting it nicely, it's always going to work for me. It's always going to suit me.

And the main factor is the rough I would say and staying out of that and once again hitting a lot of fairways and that gives me the opportunity to be aggressive with my irons and setup birdie chances. So very happy.

I didn't quite hit it as good the last four or five or six holes as I did for the first 12. But if I could have that spread for the next three day, I think I'll take it and two thirds out of every day solid, then it could be a good week for me.

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