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September 11, 2005

Nancy Lopez


NANCY LOPEZ: We just got closer and closer and closer.

Q. A lot of people talked about the camaraderie and chemistry the Europeans have, but you guys kind of matched it?

NANCY LOPEZ: I tell you, when you get to know these players, and I think on the LPGA, you don't really get to meet each other, so you kind of pass each other as you go from one tee to the next or the putting green, but once you really spend time together, I feel I've always tried to take the time to meet a lot of our players, but I think these players, we're in a profession where we're competing against each other, and we never got to do that.

I think this Solheim Cup really brought them together, and I think there is a lot of friendships leaving here this week.

Q. How does this compare to anything you've done as a player?

NANCY LOPEZ: Oh, wow, it's nothing I have ever experienced. To be the Captain and the person making the decision for an illustrious team like this of players, there is nothing you can compare it to.

Q. What about Paula's play today? She really came out as the giant killer, so to speak, and dismantled one of Europe's best players.

NANCY LOPEZ: What can I say about Paula Creamer? I mean, I talked to her this morning. I said, "You just go out there and be the birdie making you have been all year and Laura won't be able to touch you," and she did. It was so exciting to be able to listening to it in my ear.

I didn't really get to see her play, because I was trying to keep everybody else going who wasn't having such an easy time as she was, but she is just a great talent, and, I mean, I remember when I could make all those putts and hit all those shots, and it's fun to see somebody do that and relate with her in some way.

Q. What's the thing that made the biggest difference?

NANCY LOPEZ: I think we developed. We practiced a lot together, I mean, three or four times coming here and doing that. I think that made a tremendous difference. When I made Captain, I said, we stink at alternate shot, we'll have to work on that. I felt like if we were going to win, I had to make my players more familiar with that situation.

I know when I played in the Solheim Cup in 1990, we didn't practice that. We really didn't know what we were accomplishing by just that one day, but they were really ready, they were really prepared. I'm real proud of them.

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