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September 20, 2015

Zach Johnson

Lake Forest, Illinois

Q. That's the way you finish a tournament right there. Just comment on that closing stretch.
ZACH JOHNSON: You know, it was one of those things, I kind of felt like I figured something out going into the back nine with my ball-striking. My short game has been great. I've been chipping it good, putting it okay. And I just started hitting it really -- driving it good, hitting close iron shots. I had a lot of wedges the last so many odd holes, but I figured something out, and it just really helped my driver, which then obviously help the rest of my golf game. Just a fundamental thing. And just trying to remain patient. I was very frustrated this week, extremely frustrated because I felt like I was in a place to do some work, and I guess the last five holes, or nine holes in particular, you just chalk that up to patience.

Q. What does this bode now for Atlanta?
ZACH JOHNSON: Well, it's not going to change my scenario in Atlanta. If I go play well, then good things can happen. It's a golf course that doesn't exactly favor me in a lot of regards, but if the rough is up and healthy, then fairways are a premium, and I might be able to do some damage.

Q. Being No. 6 is kind of an awkward position, I guess.
ZACH JOHNSON: I don't believe it is. It's better than 7. I think I was 7th coming into this week, so I didn't lose any ground. My guess is the worst I'll be will be 7th. The best I can probably be is probably 6th. I'll take it, especially after my round yesterday where I made a bogey and no birdies and a lot of pars. You know, I had my opportunities. I just capitalized the last five, six holes, and that's really what it boiled down to.

Q. A golfer at this time of year, how he feels physically and mentally --
ZACH JOHNSON: I'm spent. I'm done. I'm ready for a break. But I'm ready for a break more mentally than I am physically. Physically I'm fine. That's why I work out. That's why I've got a team of guys to get me motivated and get ready to play. I mean, I'm tired. It's not any different now than -- if anything it's probably better now than it has been in other years just from a physical standpoint, but the mental fatigue is there. You know, whatever fatigue and -- I would say tiredness and just overall -- it's all good stuff. It's good problems.

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