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September 20, 2015

Bill Haas

Lake Forest, Illinois

Q. A bogey-free 5-under 66, you had your situation in your own hands and looks like you've taken care of business. How proud are you of the way you played here today?
BILL HAAS: If it works out, I hate to say I'm in and all that, but if it works out, it's a fantastic feeling. I mean, I know I'm not -- I didn't move way up with a top 5 or anything like that, but to be on the number today coming down to the last round, kind of came down to the back nine. I felt like I needed to shoot a couple under, and to do it feels great. Now, whether or not anything happens, obviously if I miss it would be very disappointing, so mixed emotions there. But to be under the gun, and we all shot plenty of bad rounds under the gun, so to shoot a good round feels really good.

Q. How much was your father's selection of you for the Presidents Cup the week prior to this, how much was that just another boost of confidence in what you were trying to achieve this week?
BILL HAAS: Oh, definitely a little bit. I was just glad that that pressure was over with of trying to make that team because I wanted to make that team so bad with my dad being a captain, and I fell just a hair short, but then to get picked felt so good. He told me that I had a lot of support from some other players on the team, and that makes you feel really good, maybe even more so than your dad picking you, having the support of the guys that are already on the team, and certainly this week was the week to prove myself, I guess. You shouldn't have to feel that way, but deep down in your head you know if you had a poor week you'd be even that much more disappointed. But hopefully it works out and I make the TOUR Championship, so I've got a lot to look forward to with next week and then a week off, but then the Presidents Cup. A good couple weeks ahead of me.

Q. I want to bring back some very happy memories. In 2011 you were 25th in the FedExCup standings going into that final week. We know what happened, you managed to win the TOUR Championship and the FedExCup. You are now projected around 27th, so similar position.
BILL HAAS: I mean, I think it's going to be a same feeling of the only thing you can do is go win the tournament. That's my goal, and if the FedExCup doesn't work out, then certainly Jason Day or Jordan Spieth or Bubba, they would deserve it maybe more so over me. I'd be happy with a runner-up finish in the FedExCup, but you can't win it unless I go win next week. If I do go win next week and they have poor weeks, anything can happen.

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